Where water damage is concerned, your biggest enemy is time. The longer water sits in your Lemon Grove home or business, the more likely you are to have irreparable damage and a great loss of possessions — not to mention problems with mold, mildew, bacteria and other unpleasant and unhealthy intruders. At Orange Restoration, we’re your Lemon Grove flood damage cleanup and water damage remediation experts. We offer emergency response designed to minimize damage and maximize efficiency.

Water damage restoration can be a gigantic task that includes assessment, water removal, drying of building materials and furnishings, cleaning, sanitation, rebuilding and more, and it makes sense to get started on it right away. Why not call us now?

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What Orange Restoration Can Do At Your Lemon Grove Home Or Business

Once you’ve called the insurance company, then call us. We’ll be able to take the following actions for you:

  • Identification of the water source and stopping of water flow
  • Determination of whether water damage is from black, gray or white water
  • Surveying of water damage and inspection of property for hidden damage
  • Moving of all furniture and possessions to safe areas free from water contamination, including an off-site location if necessary
  • Full packing out of home or business to an off-site location if water damage is determined to be extensive
  • And so much more.

Our emergency water removal service includes removal of standing water with high-tech submersible pumps and wet vacs — or whatever is necessary to get the job done. Carpeting and padding are inspected to determine if on-site restoration is possible or if carpeting must be removed and replaced.

Unlike other companies that may offer water damage cleanup in Lemon Grove, we own our own equipment and can come right away with moisture detectors, infrared cameras, truck-mounted extraction units and more.

Why Cleaning And Sanitation Are So Important For Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning and sanitation are an important part of your Lemon Grove water damage restoration job. Once the standing water is gone, things may look dry. But they aren’t really. After drying, dirt, bacteria and debris can remain. Thorough cleaning takes care of that. And sanitation prevents mold and mildew that can sicken your family and further damage the structure of your home. We use industrial dehumidifiers, high-velocity fans and other modern equipment to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

Cleaning and sanitation include dry and wet cleaning, spraying and wiping, foam and immersion cleaning and more. Things that won’t dry must be replaced, and that’s part of complete restoration as well. This could include drywall boards, warped woods, bubbling paint or carpet padding.

Don’t take chances when you have water damage or flood damage. Instead call us. We’re experts in flood and water damage cleanup as well as fire damage remediation, mold remediation and more. Contact us for complete details on how we can put right the things that have derailed your home or business.

At Orange Restoration, we offer emergency water and flood damage restoration in Lemon Grove and beyond. Why not contact us now at (619) 376-6838?


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