water damage in la jolla homeWater damage may well be one of the most dangerous and destructive things that can happen to your home, potentially even more destructive than fire. Fires tend to happen suddenly and unexpectedly, but are also immediately noticeable and can be extinguished quickly, while water damage is more insidious and can go unnoticed for an extended period. What makes it worse is that treating water damage can be time-consuming and even expensive. Left untreated, can he rode the foundation of your home and make it unsafe to inhabit.

If you have water damage in the La Jolla, California area, call the experts at Orange Restoration. We are here to help you with round-the-clock service and same-day response. We have the latest equipment and procedures to treat your water damage quickly and effectively. We will not only remove the water, we will dry everything thoroughly, repair your home, and restore your possessions to pre-damage condition.

Water damage can be caused by a number of circumstances. Severe weather, broken dams, and malfunctioning sewer systems can all cause flooding, while water from plumbing or other leaks can infiltrate walls and floors. What’s worse, floodwater often contains contaminants that compose serious hazards to those occupying the building, and mold can begin to grow rapidly after any type of water damage. This not only aggravates the problem, it also creates an entirely new set of problems that must be treated.

It doesn’t take a huge disaster to cause serious damage to your home. Less than an inch of water can damage flooring, carpet, drywall, paint, electrical system, and HVAC. The same little bit of water can encourage mold growth within a couple of days, causing added damage along with allergic reactions and respiratory issues. When choosing who to call to restore your home, it is vital that you make the right decision.

Orange Restoration is the top provider of water damage restoration services in La Jolla, California. We are available right now to treat even the most extensive water damage. We will treat your home or business, as well as your possessions, just like we would treat our own and will work hard to return everything to pre-damage condition.


Why Orange Restoration?

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  • Fair pricing. There are no hidden costs and no upselling. Prices are dictated by the dynamic XACTIMATE pricelist compiled by the insurance industry so you always get a good deal.
  • Personal service. Real people answer the phone round-the-clock. Never using an answering service or a foreign call center means Orange Restoration can provide accurate answers right away.
  • Proven technicians. All service professionals are IICRC-trained and certified plus they participate in regular continuing education. All techs have years of experience to go along with deep and wide training.
  • A decade of reliability. In business for more than 10 years, Orange Restoration has satisfied thousands of customers with reliable service and a goal of 100 percent satisfaction.
  • Respect for customers. Protecting customers and property is a top priority. Time, property and space are always respected, appointments are kept promptly and possessions are handled carefully and securely.
  • The right stuff. With adequate supplies in stock and more than enough trucks, computers and restoration equipment, the job is always done as quickly as possible.
  • Complete flexibility. Dedicated and creative people mean a solution can always be custom-created, even if the restoration need is unique. There’s always a sensible solution.
  • Green procedures. Orange Restoration is green, meaning that environmentally friendly materials, substances and waste disposal procedures are always followed carefully. It’s the right thing to do.
  • A caring approach. Honest and true concern for customers by genuine people who really care is rare these days, but it’s the way business is done at Orange Restoration.



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Residential Water Damage Restoration in La Jolla, California

Water damage is typically not the result of catastrophic flooding rather it is more often the result of minor leaks that go undiscovered for long periods. Often leaks go unnoticed until extensive damage has already been done. And if that isn’t devastating enough, your homeowners insurance may not cover the damage if there is any possibility that homeowner neglect was to blame. Orange Restoration will thoroughly document all damage and communicate with your insurance company to ensure all work is covered.
Orange Restoration is the top restoration company in the La Jolla, California area. We are available around the clock and offer same day service for emergencies. The longer water or moisture remains, the more extensive the potential damage. The experts at Orange Restoration understand that time is of the essence in dealing with water damage and can be at your door within an hour to assess damage and start removing water and restoring your property.

Basements are the area of the home most commonly affected by water damage and can be the most difficult to repair due to crawlspaces and other hard to reach areas. Orange Restoration is equipped to reach and repair most of these areas. The best way to protect your basement is with a sump pump or sump pit that can collect excess water and direct it away from your home. Pumps need regular maintenance and battery backup. Orange Restoration is dedicated to being the leading La Jolla California water damage restoration company. We can handle the largest and most complicated water damage problems any time, day or night.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In La Jolla

Water damage is devastating for anyone, but when it affects your business, it could cost you much more than property. In addition to the damage done to your property you could lose operational hours and diminished production. All of this could add up to a monetary loss that could take months to recover from. When water damage occurs, it is essential to immediately identify the problem, stop additional water from accumulating, dry out the area, and repair any damage.
The experts at Orange Restoration are experienced in commercial water damage restoration. We will locate the source of your damage and repair it quickly with as little impact on your operation as possible.

Water damage occurring in offices can impact administrative tasks required to keep everything running smoothly. In addition to wall and floors, computers, files, and equipment can be destroyed by water. It is vital that these items be handled properly, or additional damage, including loss of valuable files, can result. Water damage in warehouses and storage areas can be especially problematic, as damage in these areas can potentially go unnoticed for some time, causing significant problems. Unnoticed water can cause damage to HVAC, electrical systems, and even to the foundation and roofing of the building. The loss of inventory can set back your order fulfilment by months, which could negatively impact your reputation. Storage areas should be inspected frequently, especially after heavy rains, for signs of water damage so it can be addressed before it devastates your business.

Orange Restoration is dedicated to providing the best in water damage removal and restoration to businesses in and around La Jolla California. Our highly trained experts are equipped with all the tools they need to treat your water damage, so you can get back to normal production as soon as possible. Call Orange Restoration today for a free estimate.

Water Damage Clean Up In La Jolla

In the right circumstances, water damage can impact any room in your home, but being the lowest level, your basement is especially vulnerable. When pipes leak or burst, the water flows to the lowest level. In heavy rain, the ground becomes saturated and excess water flows downhill, which could mean flowing into your basement.
If you use your basement mostly for storage and don’t go down often, water damage can go unnoticed and mold can begin to grow within 72 hours. Because of this, it is vital to remove water and begin restoration immediately.

The first thing to do is to find the source of the water. In the event of a plumbing issue, you can minimize damage by finding where it is coming from and shutting it off, if possible, to prevent more water from accumulating. This will also help you determine whether the water could be contaminated. If the problem is with your toilet or sewer, there is a good chance the water is contaminated, which poses health hazards. If the problem is a dishwasher or other appliance with a water supply, it’s safe.
If the water damage is due to heavy rain, there isn’t much to be done while it’s raining. After the rain stops, however, you’ll want to improve drainage systems and add a sump pump to prevent future problems. Regardless of where the problem originates, you need a professional to take care of it. The experts at Orange Restoration are available around the clock. They’ll bring training, experience, and state of the art tools to handle the largest and most complicated water damage restoration jobs.

If you are in La Jolla California and have a flooded basement, you need a company that can remove the water, make sure everything is dried thoroughly, and restore your property to its pre-flood condition. Orange Restoration offers the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. You will also want to ensure utilities are shut off at the source. You don’t want to be near floodwater with the power still active. Even if your power has been knocked out, it should still be turned off at the main switch, as you never know when it might come back on. When working around floodwater it is important to be able to control when the electricity begins flowing again and to ensure that this doesn’t happen when you’re up to your ankles in water. Please don’t take chances as there is a significant risk of death or serious injury. If you cannot access your breaker box, call a professional electrician.

If you have items that have suffered damage, you may need a restoration company to repair them. Many difficult to replace items, such as photographs, books, and art must be handled very carefully in order to preserve them. If you have computerized devices that have been affected, you will need to contact a data recovery specialist. The next step is to contact your insurance provider. You will want to photograph all of the damage and compile a written inventory of all damaged items. These photographs and documents will help you prove your losses and will give you an edge in settlement negotiations. If you would like Orange Restoration to contact your insurance directly to save you the trouble, call (619) 376-6838 today.


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