Encinitas Water Damage ServiceWater damage may well be one of the most dangerous problems that can affect your home.  In many cases, water damage may even be worse than fire.  Fires happen quickly, but can also be quickly put out.  Water damage, on the other hand, can occur slowly, over time, and go unnoticed until the damage is extensive.  What’s more, where the damage caused by fire is limited to what it does while it burns, water damage continues until it is treated and can even erode your home’s foundation and make it unsafe for your family.

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If you have water damage and live in Encinitas California, call Orange Restoration.  At Orange Restoration, we have expert technicians ready to help any time, day or night.  We’ll bring cutting edge equipment and techniques to handle your water damage efficiently and effectively.  We’ll remove excess water and dry everything thoroughly.  Once everything is dry, we’ll repair your home and restore your possession to their pre damage condition, so you can get your life back.

There are a variety of situations that can lead to water damage.  Sometimes water damage is a result of flooding due to severe weather, malfunctioning sewer system, or broken dams.  These flood waters are frequently contaminated and can pose health hazards.  Even after the flooding subsides, mold can start growing within a couple of days, creating even more issues.

It doesn’t have to be a major disaster to cause very serious damage to your home. Less than an inch of standing water can damage flooring, carpeting, drywall, and even your electrical wiring and HVAC system. The same little bit of water, left untreated, well allowed mold to take hold within three days, mold can cause added property damage along with allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems. It is important to find the right person to remove water damage in your home.

Orange restoration is the top water damage removal and restoration provider in Encinitas California. We have experts available right now to handle any water damage problem, no matter how large. We will treat your property like we would our own, and work hard to restore everything to pre-damage condition.

Residential Water Damage Restoration in Encinitas

Some of the most severe cases of water damage are not caused by major flooding. Rather, they are caused by small leaks going unnoticed for a long time. By the time such a leak is discovered, significant damage, sometimes amounting to thousands of dollars, may have already been done. Even worse, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover water damage if there is evidence of homeowner neglect. Orange restoration will document the extent of damage and communicate with your insurance agent to ensure all repairs are adequately covered.

Orange restoration is one of the top water damage restoration service providers in Encinitas. We have professionals available around the clock with same day emergency service provided. It is vital that water damage be treated immediately in order to prevent additional damage. Minimizing damage and restoring your property depends on rapid cleanup and drying.

Water damage caused by severe weather and flooding can be equally devastating and can affect thousands of homes very quickly. The professionals at Orange Restoration can be at your home within an hour of your call to assess damage and begin the removal and restoration process.

The most common location for water damage is the basement. Your basement should be protected by a sump pump designed to channel excess water away from your home before damage can be done. However, your sump pump can fail if it does not receive regular maintenance. You should also have a battery backup in case of power failure. Basements can also be extremely difficult to restore. This is because supports, crawlspaces, and other areas can be difficult to get to without specialized equipment.

Orange restoration is dedicated to being the top water damage restoration company in Encinitas California. We are available around the clock and have the equipment needed to handle even the largest water damage situation.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Encinitas

Water damage can be devastating no matter where it occurs. However, water damage that hits your business can lead to loss of production that can take months to recover from. In any case of water damage, it is vital to find the problem, stop added water from accumulating, and dry out everything that’s been affected so it can be restored.

Orange Restoration has extensive experience in commercial water damage restoration in Encinitas California. We will identify the source of the water, determine the extent of damage, and begin restoring property with as little impact as possible on your business operations.

Commercial water damage that affects offices can impact the daily administrative tasks necessary to keep your company moving. Along with walls and floors, water damage can also impact your telephone systems, fax machines, computers, files, and other important office equipment. It is vital that these items be handled carefully in order to preserve information vital to your business.

When water damage occurs in warehouses and storage areas, you face potential loss of inventory which could set back order fulfillment four months. In storage areas, where there may be less activity, water damage can potentially go unnoticed for extended periods. In these cases, water damage can compromise electrical systems, HVAC systems, roofing, and even the structural integrity of your building. You can minimize the possibility of damage to storage areas by routinely inspecting them for signs that water damage could be developing, as well as after any serious storm or other flooding event.

Orange restoration is dedicated to top-notch commercial water damage restoration in Encinitas California. Our experts are trained and experienced in water damage removal and equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology to repair water damage quickly and efficiently. The sooner your water damage is treated, the sooner you can get back to business. Call Orange Restoration for free estimate.

Water Damage Clean Up in Encinitas

Any room in your home can be affected by water damage in the right circumstances. However, the lowest level of your home is at highest risk. This is usually the basement. Leaks and burst pipes upstairs tend to flow down to collect in the basement. During heavy rains, the ground becomes saturated and excess water will flow downhill, often to collect in your basement.

Serious, long-term damage can occur in your basement leading to problems with mold in as little as 72 hours. To prevent this, it is vital to begin repairing and restoring your property as soon as possible.

To keep damage in your home or business to a minimum, the first thing you need to do is find where the water is coming from and shut it off if possible. Not only will this prevent additional water from accumulating, it also gives you the chance to determine whether the water may be contaminated. Water coming from appliance supply lines, such as your dishwasher, is safe. However, if you have a toilet malfunction or backflow from your sewer, you are dealing with contamination which can be quite dangerous. If you have water collecting from heavy rain, you’ll have to wait until the rain stops. If you do experience water damage after a heavy rain, you should consider improving drainage systems and putting in a sump pump in order to prevent future problems.

No matter where your water damage originates, you need a professional. The experts at Orange restoration are trained, experienced, and well-equipped to handle any water damage situation. If you have basement flooding in Encinitas, no matter where the water comes from, you need a professional to remove excess water, dry things out, and return everything to pre-flooding conditions. All of our work is covered by the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.

If you have flooding, it is vital to shut off your utilities at the source, as the risk of serious injury or death from electrocution is significant. Even if power is knocked out, you still need to turn off the main switch. It is dangerous to be working near water while the power is active, and you don’t want electricity to be restored while you are ankle-deep in floodwater.

If you have damage to personal items, you need a restoration company that can restore them. Many hard to replace items, including photographs, books, and artwork need to be treated very carefully in order to preserve them. If you have computers that have been exposed to water, you may need a technician specializing in data recovery.

After you call Orange Restoration, the next phone call you need to make is to your insurance provider. You will need photographs and an inventory of all the damaged items. This will help you negotiate with your insurance company to be sure everything is covered. The more detailed the information you can provide, the stronger your position will be.


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