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If you’ve experienced water damage at your home or office near Camp Pendleton or elsewhere in northern San Diego County, you need to take quick action to avoid things getting worse and the damage becoming more widespread. Water is, without a doubt, one of the most destructive things we have around our homes and businesses, and it can do overwhelming damage when it’s out of control. Rising water can damage valued possessions, important papers and photos and the building’s structure itself. Even for a small amount of water damage, professional and thorough restoration is required to put things right without risking worsening damage.

We offer Camp Pendleton water damage restoration services because we’ve seen how much damage water can do and feel compelled to stop and reverse its ravages. That starts with rapid action. When you contact us at Orange Restoration, you’re contacting local people who understand the area and local attitudes and can work quickly to start putting things right. That’s why so many people make us their top choice for flood damage restoration services.

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Dealing With Your Valuable Possessions

As you survey the extent of the water damage around you, you may be discouraged. It’s easy to worry that restoration of your Camp Pendleton office or home will be impossible. But our experts have experience in providing amazing results in mind-boggling situations. Our track record of success speaks for itself.

We can restore:

  • Major appliances
  • Computer equipment
  • Important documents
  • Valued photos
  • Heirloom furniture pieces
  • And much more.

But we must go to work quickly to get good results on your water damage or flood damage restoration project in the Camp Pendleton area. Quick actions mean the most desirable results really are possible.

Do What You Can, Then We’ll Take Over As Soon As We Arrive

As soon as you see water damage from a broken pipe, a damaged water heater, a natural disaster or any other cause, stop the water if it’s safe to do so. Increase the safety of turning off the water by turning off the electricity to your Camp Pendleton area home or business first. Then, call us and your insurance company.

We’ll arrive more quickly than you imagine, but every minute counts. If possible, you may want to start moving undamaged items to a safe location where it’s dry — if there’s one around. Items that have some water damage should be left in place or moved to a second location, not anywhere near completely dry items.

Once we arrive, we’ll make a quick and complete assessment. And we’ll take over the work of mitigating damages too. In many cases, restoration is possible in days, not weeks. And remember that our flood cleanup and water damage restoration services include complete restoration, including any structural rebuilding, remodeling and painting that’s necessary to make things as good as new or perhaps even better.

At Orange Restoration, dealing with water damage cleanup and flood remediation is what we do all the time. We also do mold remediation, fire damage restoration and related service. The goal of all our services is getting life and business back to normal.

May we do that for you? – (619) 376-6838.


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