California’s people, its economy and its diverse natural environment all greatly depend on water. Faced with increased population demands and challenging climate changes, California’s water supply and delivery method cannot meet these rapid changes. Instead, California must look to its citizens: changing simple day-to-day habits could save precious billions of gallons of water every day through water conservation.

**By maintaining just your faucets on a yearly basis you save up to 20 gallons per day..

We always wait for a faucet, hose bib or sprinkler to start leaking before we have them repaired. By being proactive we not only help conserve our precious water supply, we save time and money. During our once a year “Leak Check Inspection”, we not only check the faucets, we look at all indoor and outdoor points of water connection such as; laundry machine hoses, angle stops, risers and your main water connection at the meter. We check for running toilets. Did you know when you hear the toilet flush on its own, it’s wasting water and your money?

**Changing day-to-day habits can save billions of gallons of water every day..

When cleaning outdoor areas such as patios, driveways and sidewalks, use a broom rather than a hose, and conserve about 150 gallons of water in the process. If you need to wash your car, use a nozzle, or turn off the hose when you’re not using it; this method can save up to 100 gallons per wash.

**Keep an eye on your water bill each month..

Since most of your water supply pipes are underground keeping an eye for increases in your water bill is essential. Slab leaks, when the pipes under your cement floor leak, do not always leak in the structure and your water bill would be the only indicator. Water conservation starts with you – decrease overall water use by paying attention to your water habits and keep your plumbing leak free.


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