There are many misconceptions about water damage repair, mold remediation and fire damage cleanup. Some property managers believe that professional restoration services are too expensive or take too long. Others are concerned that San Diego restoration companies pad the bill with unnecessary testing and services.

But perhaps the biggest misconception about restoration is that you can do the work yourself and still get professional results. Even the most experienced property manager is unlikely to have the cleaning, water removal, deodorizing and drying equipment necessary for a thorough restoration job.

At Orange Restoration, we provide professional services that fit within your budget and timeline. If you have special considerations, we’ll work with you to make sure your needs are met. Solving big problems is what we do every day.

Minimize Damage From Flooding And Leaks

San Diego Water Damage ServiceWith professional San Diego water damage repair, it’s possible to minimize damage from flooding and leaks and get your property back to pre-loss condition -or better. But quick action is essential.

While there’s a big difference between a flood caused by a natural disaster and a plumbing leak, Orange Restoration has clear procedures in place for every situation. Many skills are required for professional restoration, and our team of industry experts is ready to help.

Trust us for the right water damage repair, including:

  • fast response to save as many possessions and as much structure as possible
  • removal of pooled water with commercial extractors, even if inches or feet are involved
  • disposal of things that can’t be saved to clear the way for complete drying
  • drying of items and structure that can be saved with dehumidifiers, air movers and more
  • restoration of water damage to pre-loss state, including disinfecting and deodorizing.

When handled by professionals, a few days is all it takes for complete water damage repair.

Professional Mold Remediation Makes Your Property Usable Again

san diego mold removal services
A building impacted by mold growth can quickly become unsafe for humans, and the structure itself can be damaged. Mold works its way deep inside a building, damaging and weakening it in many ways.

When you can see mold, you may be able to save money by skipping some testing and evaluation steps. Just be aware that the problem often extends behind walls and beyond what’s immediately visible.

Our value-priced professional mold remediation includes:

  • protection of all occupants and workers from additional risk
  • assessment at every step to make sure all mold is being removed
  • prevention of cross-contamination with areas that are free of problems
  • removal of mold at its source
  • elimination of the moisture that allowed mold to grow.

Even if your structure has potentially lethal black mold, we can put things right quickly and for less than you might imagine.

Using Pros For Fire Damage Cleanup Services Saves

Fire Damaged Home in San DiegoIn the long run, you’re better off using professionals for San Diego fire damage cleanup services. That’s because quick action saves structure and possessions. The first 24 hours after damage are crucial to complete restoration.

Turn to Orange Restoration for:

  • cleanup of acidic soot that can cause further damage to everything it touches
  • removal of damaged possessions and destroyed structure
  • restoration of structure and possessions when possible
  • honest answers about what can be saved and what can’t
  • proprietary deodorizers that get rid of smells permanently.

When you turn to us for fire damage cleanup services, you’re turning to experienced professionals with the right equipment and techniques for the best possible outcome. And since our prices are reasonable and we can help you save structure and possessions, you save all the way around.

Don’t delay in calling us at (619) 376-6838 for San Diego water damage repair, mold remediation and fire damage cleanup. We understand the unique situation of property managers and can work with you to complete repairs quickly and within your budget. Please call now – because quick action saves.