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2202, 2011

Protect Your House From Fire Damage

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Fire damage can have devastating and lasting effects, both financially and emotionally. Once fire damage occurs, calling a professional fire restoration company is the best way to ensure that your house is made safe and habitable once more.  Fortunately, there are ways to reduce and in some cases prevent fires from occurring in the first place.  Here are some tips to help you:

1.    Make sure that all of your smoke detectors are working properly. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn how many fires could have been prevented if the homeowner took the time to replace the smoke detectors and/or smoke detector batteries in their home.

2.    Have your electrical wiring inspected yearly. Particularly if you have an older home with older wiring, it is a good idea to have a professional inspect your house to catch any faulty wiring problems that can have the potential to lead to fire.

3.    Keep objects away from heaters.  Both portable space heaters and built-in, free-standing heating units are potential fire hazards, particularly if flammable objects are placed on or near them.

These are just some of the simple ways that you can protect yourself, your family, and your home from the damaging effects of a fire.

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1202, 2011

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service

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As the leading San Diego carpet cleaning company, we know that no matter how expensive or powerful your vacuum cleaner is, simply vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis isn’t enough to truly keep it clean.  Ground-in dirt and stains can soak through the carpet into the actual carpet padding, making them difficult to remove and giving your floors a dirty, shabby appearance.

When choosing a professional carpet cleaning service, follow these tips:
Get a personalized quote. Companies that charge a flat rate are inexperienced. Why? Because every room is a different size. A professional company will take the time to provide you with a personalized quote, based on the size and the number of carpet rooms to be cleaned.

Ask for references. Any reputable company will be able to provide you with references and recommendations from past clients. Check these references, and research the company to find out how long they have been in business and which types of professional affiliations, such as membership in the Better Business Bureau, that they may have.

Get it in writing. If possible, ask the company to come to your house to perform a pre-cleaning inspection to identify stains and problem areas in advance. Make sure that the service contract that you sign specifically states what will and will not be included and a break down of all costs.

Regular carpet cleanings can help your carpet to remain beautiful, last longer, and create a healthier environment for your family.

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302, 2011

What To Do After A Flood

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A flood in your home can be a traumatic and costly experience. Whether the flood was caused by a leaky pipe, a roof leak, excessive rainfall, or other circumstances, once a flood occurs, there are certain steps that every homeowner must take in order to secure their property and the health of those that occupy it.

At Orange Restoration, we specialize in San Diego flood restoration and mold remediation, and have helped many homeowners recover from indoor flood situations.  Here are some tips to help you do the same:

Hazards associated with flooded buildings include:

  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Build-up of toxic materials and bacteria
  • Electrical shock
  • Growth and buildup of toxic mold

Step One: Stop the entry of water and remove all standing water. This includes hiring a professional to pump flooded rooms, and removing all mud, dirt, and other debris that may have entered the home as a result of the flood.  You should also remove all wet furniture and carpets.

Step Two: Arrange for a flood inspection.  Hire a professional flood San Diego flood restoration company to inspect your building for damage to insulation, electrical components, and structural damage.

Step Three: Test for mold. Mold test kits can be purchased in most hardware stores, but you should also arrange for a professional mold inspection, just to be on the safe side. A mold remediation specialist can check for the presence of mold in areas such as insulation and drywall that a mod test kit cannot.

Don’t take chances with your home. Take the appropriate action after a flood to minimize damage and reduce health risks.

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2101, 2011

Is Your Home A Breeding Ground For Mold?

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At Orange Restoration, we specialize in San Diego flood restoration and mold remediation, among other related services.  Since we work closely with homeowners to help safely remove hazardous mold from the places where they and their families live, we know how to recognize the warning signs of  exposure.

The question is, do you?

Mold grows in dark, damp places, and can often remain undetected for long periods of time. Unfortunately, this also means that by the time many  infestations are discovered, the damage, both structural and health-wise may already have been done.

Not all types of mold are harmful to human beings, but many are toxic and even deadly.  Symptoms of short-term  exposure include:

Watery Eyes
Itchy Skin

Symptoms of more prolonged mold exposure can include:

Chronic Fatigue

Symptoms like these are also associated with a variety of conditions, so the first step in determining whether mold or other health problems are to blame is to find out whether your house contains dangerous mold.  Homeowners can pick up basic test kits at many local hardware and general merchandise stores.  Signs of mold include:

A Moldy Or Musty Smell
Green, Brown, White, Grey, Or Black Substances On Walls, Floors, Doors, And Other Surfaces

If you live in a house with a leaky roof, or faulty plumbing, or if you haven’t had a recent San Diego mold inspection, don’t assume that because you can’t see mold, it isn’t present in your house. Calling a mold remediation specialist to come in and perform a thorough inspection of your home can help to eliminate mold problems before they become worse.

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1701, 2011

Learning More About Board Up Services

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As a San Diego homeowner, you know how important protecting both the safety of your home is. Many homeowners have some type of home security system installed, with the goal of protecting both their property and their family.  What if a home or a property that you own sits vacant for a period of time, though? How do you protect it from theft, unauthorized usage, and damage without having to pay for constant security monitoring?

Local San Diego board up services are the answer, not only for keeping unauthorized people out but also for protecting properties from further damage.  Vacant properties are vulnerable to vandalism, unauthorized squatting, and many other risks.

Board-Up services include:
Temporary Fencing
Graffiti Removal
Temporary Glass Window Sealing And Barriers
Roof Covering
Structural Stabilizing
Tree Removal
Glass Cleanup And Removal

There are many different circumstances in which board up services can provide a way to safeguard residential and commercial properties for both short and extended periods of time.  Leaving a property vulnerable to vandalism and unsecured is never a good solution.

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1201, 2011

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Facts

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When it comes to carpets and upholstery, many things can affect their longevity. Carpets and upholstery in high-traffic areas like living rooms and dens and waiting rooms can quickly become dirty and worn if not properly maintained.  When carpets and upholstered furnishings become dirty, they can also become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and allergens. It is important to know these simple carpet and upholstery cleaning facts.

Studies have shown that in many cases, indoor air quality in a given space is actually much worse than outdoor air quality.  This is largely due to the build-up in indoor spaces of allergens, bacteria, mold, dust, and other substances that reduce overall air quality.

Most furniture and carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned every six months and that upholstery should be professionally cleaned every year.  Using spot cleaners can be an effective way to remove small stains if the product is applied soon after the spill or stain occurs, but on a larger scale, upholstery and carpets in particular need to be deep cleaned.

The reason for this has to do with the way that carpets and upholstery are manufactured.  Underneath the surface of both is padding, designed to cushion and reduce friction. If stains and spills soak into the padding, non-commercial cleaning methods can’t remove them. This means that even if stains appear to be temporarily removed, they can still reappear once the carpet or upholstery dries completely after cleaning and adheres more closely to the padding.

These are just some of the many reasons why it is important to have your carpets and upholstery commercially cleaned according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

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401, 2011

When A Flood Occurs

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The word flood usually evokes images of streets and cities immersed in water, or large-scale natural disasters. For the majority of people, though, the type of flood they are most likely to experience is one that occurs in their own home.  While these types of floods may not cause widespread catastrophic damage, the damage that they do cause can be very devastating for the families that experience them.

Indoor flooding can be caused by a wide variety of things. Faulty plumbing is the most common cause, followed by roof leaks.  Pipes can burst quickly, old toilets can malfunction and over flow, and the result is almost always large amounts of water coming into contact with furniture, carpet, and personal belongings.

When a flood occurs in your San Diego home, the first thing to do is to try to locate the source. If you can turn off toilets, or temporarily turn off water in the home, do this as quickly as possible.  Placing a large trash can or a container under the source of a roof leak can also help to prevent further damage.

Next, use towels to absorb as much of the water as possible and fans to dry the area. If you can move some of your belongings to another room or location, do so before they become damaged further.  Avoid direct contact with the water if possible, use gloves, wear rubber boots, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. This is especially important when it comes to water overflow and flooding from toilets and septic tanks.

Finally, give us a call to assist with cleanup and water removal. Simply using a vacuum and fans isn’t enough, and even if the water is removed from the surface, water that seeps into flooring and carpeting can lead to mold, mildew, and structural problems later on.

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3012, 2010

Fire Damage Restoration FAQ's

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San Diego residents who have been through a devastating house fire know that it is never an easy experience. After the smoke clears, and the house is safe to enter again, the next task is often cleaning up after the fire damage, which can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Q: Can’t I just clean up the damage myself? Why do I need a professional?

A:  There are some things that you can do yourself. You can throw away materials that are burned beyond repair, and sweep up debris and dirt.  There are also things that you should do as soon as possible, including unplugging all appliances that may have become fire damaged and may have faulty wiring.  When it comes to hauling away large amounts of debris, treating toxic smoke damaged surfaces, and other tasks, though, it is best to call a professional.

Q:  What can I do about the smoky smell in my house?

A: Many fire damage clauses in homeowner’s insurance policies cover some fire damage services, but don’t cover smoke damage repair.  Shampooing carpets and furnishings may remove the odors, but your best bet is to call a fire damage restoration company.

Q: Will professional fire damage restoration and repair take a long time?

A: The answer depends on the extent of the damage. Sometimes the process takes a few days, but it may also take several weeks. At Orange Restoration, we work quickly to repair damage and make your home livable as soon as possible.

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2212, 2010

Choosing A Flood Remediation Company

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When it comes to choosing a San Diego flood remediation company, there are many things to consider. You may think that you don’t need to worry about this if you have flood insurance or a flood insurance clause in your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The truth is though, if the damage isn’t covered by your policy, the cost of repairs and the task of finding a qualified remediation company become your responsibility.

Even though San Diego isn’t a place where floods normally occur on a large scale, what most people don’t realize is that the majority of floods are indoor floods, that is, caused by inside sources such as burst pipes or broken appliances.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right San Diego flood Remediation Company.

Ask for a referral. Your insurance company may be able to give you a list of reputable companies. Friends and coworkers can also be a source of referrals if they have worked with a company in the past and have had a positive experience.

Read the fine print. As with any service-oriented business, you can’t assume that services are included without making sure that they are. The fine print of the contract contains important information about what is included and your rights as a customer that you should pay attention to.

Ask about their areas of expertise.  Are they a certified mold removal company? Do they have experience in fire damage as well? The more expertise a company has, the more likely that they will be able to assist both in the present and the future.

Check references.  Study their website carefully. Do they have testimonials from past customers? Are they willing to provide references? If so, contact these references to verify the information provided by the company before you sign on the dotted line.

Remember, the more well informed you are as a consumer, the better your business decisions will be. Take the time to research your options and then to weigh them carefully.

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1412, 2010

Mold Inspection Tips: What Is A Mold Inspection?

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You’ve noticed mold growing on your walls or your floors, and now want to find out just how bad the problem really is.  The best way to do this is to hire a mold inspection service to assess the situation.  As the leading San Diego mold inspection service, we’ve had our fair share of calls from homeowners who are unsure about what to expect from a San Diego mold inspection and whether or not they need our services.

During a mold inspection, several tasks are completed, which include:

A thorough search for all signs of mold present.  This means that the technicians may lift the carpets in your house from the backing, take samples of the paint from the walls, and perform other tasks to find all of the mold that can be seen by the naked eye.

Mold culture testing.  Technicians will perform a series of tests on the mold that they find, since the way that the mold reacts to different substances will help them to determine the type of molds that are present.  They may also collect samples of carpet, paint, and other surfaces containing mold to be sent to a lab for further testing.

Airborne particulate counts. Using a special filtering system, the technician will test the air for airborne particulates, including mold spores.  This is important, because it helps the technician to determine how serious the mold infestation is, and the types of mold present.

Remember, not all types of mold are toxic to humans and animals, but all mold has the potential to cause cosmetic and structural damage to a structure. The sooner that mold can be properly assessed, the sooner it can be treated and removed.