1. Paint! Paint! Paint! Do you love vivid colors that pop? Does your house have an array of paint colors that mimic the rainbow? When putting your house on the market, it's important that potential buyers can envision living in the house. What if your walls are purple and the people looking at the house hate the color purple? They will have a difficult time looking past the colors of the walls. Prior to putting your house on the market, repaint your walls to white or beige. Choose colors that are unassuming and quiet.

2. Hide your photographs. Once again, you want people who are looking at your home to envision themselves living in the same space. Personal photographs, photos of your family are all wonderful additions to your home that personalize the space. Make sure to hide all photographs of a personal nature to continue the theme of neutrality throughout the home. Paintings and photographs of nature are not personal and can be left on display.

3. Clean your house. This one is probably obvious but make sure to clean your house. You want your house to sparkle. The base boards should be dust free. The floors should gleam. If you have carpet, get it professionally cleaned. Clean the outside of the kitchen cabinets, wipe any stains on the walls. All clutter needs to disappear – even if that means throwing it all into a few boxes and hiding it in the garage. Clutter distracts people and it makes a space feel smaller. You want your property to come off as roomy and airy and enticing. A dirty cluttered house will be difficult for people to look past. Nobody wants to live in a dirty house and most people will have a hard time ignoring the mess to appreciate the house.

These are just some ideas to help you sell your house for the best price. A home that is warm and enticing will attract buyers. Walk throughout your house and see how you feel when you're in a room. Do your best to perfect the appearance, you won't regret it.

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