Advertising rental properties is easier than ever before. The internet has changed the way property managers find tenants.

Advertising rental properties with print media is still possible, i.e., The Reader, The PennySaver, etc. You can also print out signs and put them outside your rental unit.

However, today's tenant tends to be more technologically advanced. Your best bet is advertising rental properties online.

Sites such as,, and are all excellent advertising tools. When posting your unit online, have a set of photos that flatter your unit. When writing the post, it's important to first consider your prospective tenant/s. Your choice of words will either attract or repel your ideal tenant. Be sure to highlight anything that makes your unit “special.” For instance, if your unit is near a park, a place of worship, a shopping area, public transportation – these are all bonuses that will make your unit more desirable. Put in the time to write a good ad, you will reap the rewards when you attract your ideal tenant.

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