lin wood fireA warehouse fire that occurred in North Brunswick became so dangerous that it became imperative for those that lived in the surrounding areas to evacuate their homes. There were concerns that the fire could easily spread to domestic properties, and so the decision was made that it was much safer for those people to be removed from the area completely. However, there was concern as to exactly where those residents would be able to go. Thankfully the Red Cross charity has now opened up a Reception Center that has been purposefully created in order to accept those evacuees, and care for them until it is possible for them to return to their homes.

The Reception Center is located at the Linwood Middle School, which can be found at 25 Linwood Place, North Brunswick. It is unclear exactly how many people were forced to grab their most treasured belongings and leave their homes due to the warehouse fire, but at least 75 people have gone to the Red Cross’ Reception Center in order to be looked after and cared for. There are five members of Red Cross staff there who are ensuring that those who are currently homeless are warm, comfortable, well fed, and safe.

As the warehouse fire continues to be fought by local firefighters, those who have been evacuated are being kept continuously informed of their progress, and it is hoped that it will not be too long before they will be able to return back to their homes in safety. However, in the event that they will not be able to return to their homes for a few days, the Red Cross is already putting some plans into motion to make sure that they can sleep comfortably at the Reception Center.

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