Late 2015 proved to be an unusual El Niño time because a lot of the expected storm activity tracked toward the Pacific Northwest. But as 2016 arrives, a series of storms is expected to bring much of California, including San Diego, some welcome rainfall — and the potential for flooding. The rains will impact a great deal of the southwest portion of the nation.

The Pacific Ocean El Niño pattern is caused by higher-than-normal water temperatures in the tropics, and this pattern usually strengthens storms that track toward the West Coast of the United States. November and December saw impact of this weather pattern farther north, and now it’s California’s turn.

For the first full week of the new year and beyond, the weather will be very active in San Diego and across the state, according to meteorologists. While this wave will mean inches of rain for California and much of Arizona, it won’t be enough to make much of dent in the drought. Still, localized flooding and water damage are possible.

Mountainous areas will get snow, which will help with filling rivers and lakes later in the year. It could amount to several feet of snow and even lead to travel problems in places like Donner Pass. Baja California will also see significant rains.

Storms arriving in the coming days and weeks may each be stronger than the last and bring heavier rainfall.

Urban flooding and mudslides are predicted from these rain events in early 2016. Burn-scarred areas are the most susceptible to mudslide. Motorists are being warned to use extra caution and allow for more driving time as the rain will impact most areas in waves. When the next wave will occur in a particular area may not always be predicted with complete accuracy.

San Diego has already been affected by flash floods, here is our very own Jonathan speaking to Channel 10 News:

One bit of good news: winds with these early 2016 rainstorms are not expected to be strong. But the destructive impact of the water will likely be felt in at least some localized areas.

San Diego residents in need of help with flood and water damage, call (619) 376-6838

El Nino Year Means Trains Of Storms Impacting California
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