Kankakee floodsThe storms and flooding that has affected those living in the area of Kankakee will now have an excellent resource to go to, now that the Red Cross has collaborated with other disaster relief organizations to open up a Disaster Assistance Resource Center. Many different groups have come together in order to ensure that residents have access to the best possible care and support, including representatives from local government, from different faiths, and from different non-profit organizations.

Few were truly prepared for the extent of the damage that was caused by the flooding and the storms, and so there are many who will directly benefit from the different areas of support which can now be reached from the Center. Over 10,000 meals have already been distributed to those who are unable to cook their own, and many have used the emergency shelter that the Red Cross put up for those whose homes had been so badly destroyed that it was not safe or healthy for them to stay there.

It will be open from 8 am right through until 6 pm, and those manning it will be able to support those who have suffered water damage, loss of electricity, and trouble with other areas. There will also be Red Cross caseworkers in attendance, who have been specifically trained to talk families through their different options, and plan a way for them to think long-term once again.
For those that wish to go to the Disaster Assistance Resource Center, all you will need to do is take with you any form of identification that proves that you are a resident of the area. There will be no charges for the help and support that is offered. Those who go may also be supported with items such as rakes, shovels, and trash bags so that the clean-up operation can continue.

To donate to the red cross and help their disaster relief efforts, visit: https://www.redcross.org/donate/rsp0615

For help with flooding cleanup, fire damage, or any other disaster relief, call (619) 376-6838

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