Car Under WaterThree lives were claimed by floodwaters as 5.5 inches rain fell in North Texas. Another person was presumed to be dead after he was missing in high waters.

Body of Benjamin Taylor Floyd was found inside a submerged car, in Garland. According to a spokesperson of the Fire Department, the victim tried to drive through the high water. The victim was 29 years old. It was not clear since how long the vehicle was underwater when a search and rescue team was called at about 8.30 am to check, on the Campbell road near the Brand road.
33 years old Sandra Jones was found dead in her car. The car was swept off the road by raging waters flowing over banks of Rock Creek west of Burleson.

48 year old Jose Vargas also died in a flood related incident. The victim’s body was found near Mansfield after deputies of Johnson County’s sheriff tried to rescue him and two other people who were in a pickup. Jose Vargas could not be rescued while the other two people survived.

A deputy of Tarrant County sheriff escaped death as she was trying to save a 70 years old woman in Burleson. Krystal Salazar, the sheriff’s deputy was swept away on Oak Grove road near the Interstate 35W. She held on to a tree for nearly two hours, before she was rescued. The old woman which Salazar was trying to rescue could not be found.

In Dallas, there were 27 rescue calls related to flooding after vehicles stopped in high waters. Luckily no injuries were reported. There were also 83 different traffic accidents to which Fire-Rescue crew responded.

There was an accident in South Dallas in which two children died. A speeding SUV rear ended the car carrying the family of which these children were part of.

Aylin who was 1 year old and Yahis who was 12 years old were ejected from car as a result of collision and they died. The parents of the two and another child suffered minor injured. The SUB was being driven by Kelvin Walker, who was held at Dallas County Jail. Walker 23, might be charged with was being investigated by Sheriff’s department, if alcohol played a role in crash.

Rick Mitchell, meteorologist at KXAS-TV (NBC5) urged the people to respect the flood warnings. He said that ground was saturated and because of that even light rains would continue to cause problems. He further said that one should be especially cautious, when sun goes down as one cannot tell if road has water on it or not.
According to Jamie Gudmestad of National Weather Service with recent rains, 2015 has become wettest year in North Texas. The total rainfall recorded throughout the year has been 56 inches. The previous record was of 53.5 inches, in 1991. More rains are expected to fall in coming days.
The temperatures fell from 65 to 42 while the normal high for the month of November is 64.

3 Dead, 1 missing because of flood water
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