Residents of Ventura were saddened to discover that the high surf and rough waves of the last few hours have damaged Ventura Pier, leading it to be closed completely as the waves continued to pound against it – and some are even calling it the ‘largest surf event of the season’.

Unprecedented levels of waves have caused damage to the pier, to the extent that there are now fears that the structure itself may be compromised. Police officers were required to ensure that everyone evacuated the pier when it was realised that it may no longer be as safe as usual, and it was then closed to the public at around seven o’clock in the morning. Aerial views have shown that although the pier has definitely lost some of the wooden posts within its structure, it is still standing.

No one is expecting the pier to be opened while it is in this delicate condition, especially as the waves and the surf are remaining very high. In fact, the ocean has continued to batter nearby homes to the pier that are within reach now of the strong waves, and some of the surf heights that are being recorded are being described as up to fifteen feet high by locals of the area. Everyone is being warned to stay away from the sea, especially as the current state increases the likelihood of rip currents and sneaker waves, both very dangerous phenomena. Those who are inexperienced swimmers have also been advised to stay out of the water.

Experts believe that by Saturday, the surf will decrease to normal levels, but until that time is realised, all residents of Ventura can do is wait and see what sort of state their Pier will be in when it is all over.

Flooding hits Ventura Pier
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