Mold is everywhere.

There is no way to completely eradicate mold from your home since it exists naturally.

From an environmental perspective, molds are eukaryotic micro-organisms that are necessary to help break down dead organic matter, i.e., dead trees, fallen leaves and dead plants. But where does mold come from?

Mold spores travel by air currents and are only visible by microscope. They float easily through the atmosphere landing haphazardly. If the environment is appropriate they will begin to grow immediately. Within a matter of days a small colony of mold can expand to become a large colony of mold enveloping a large area in your home!

Mold spores can survive environments that are poor for mold to grow, waiting for all the right conditions to occur together.

Indoors, mold spores are only a danger if they can find a wet surface to land on. Mold cannot grow without water or moisture. Moreover, mold needs a source of food (wood, paper, drywall, adhesives, pastes, paints), oxygen and a temperature between 40 – 100 degrees F. Even though mold cannot create nutrients from inorganic material (concrete,metal, glass and plastic) they can grow on any dirt/dust that may lay on these materials. Indeed, even if these materials are not damp, mold can grow if there is enough moisture in the air.

Mold is a potential danger that can never be fully eradicated.

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