Discovering mold in your home is something all homeowners fear. Mold is the common term used to describe a variety of microscopic fungi that play an important role in breaking down organic material. It can be found everywhere, from the fuzzy old bread on your counter to the pile of leaves rotting in your front yard, and is a natural and necessary part of any ecosystem.

Most molds flourish in warm, wet environments. Indoors, this means it is most likely to be found on surfaces that remain damp for long periods of time. Common places to find mold included behind appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, around leaky windows, doors, or pipes, and in poorly ventilated bathrooms. It is also very common after flooding and can be caused by water damage.

It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate mold from other types of stains, but in general large colonies will have a fuzzy texture and can present in a range of colors from black to yellow to white. Some molds also have a distinctive earthy smell. If you are unsure about possible mold in your home, you should call a mold remediation specialist immediately.

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