Many people panic when they find a trace of mold during a DIY inspection. Immediately their minds start to race, and their worst fears set in. Could this be a toxic mold situation, and if so, will I have to tear out walls in my home to alleviate the problem?

During our time in the San Diego mold testing business, our experts have seen this scenario many times. And the simple answer is to call a professional who does mold testing for a living.

Professional mold testing is far more sophisticated than the methods that you can do on your own. We take surface, air, and dust samples, and then we run them through rigorous tests. This allows us to give you the best possible advice and solution to your problem.

So if you find a little surface mold, try not to panic. It doesn’t always mean that you need a full remediation and subsequent home repair.  Call a professional like Orange Restoration for professional testing. Often times you’ll find that you only have a far less serious, common mold situation. And knowing this will save your home from needless damage.

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