In the spirit of Thanksigiving Orange Restoration has lots to be thankful for! While other companies are struggling to make ends meet, we are very fortunate to be able to capitalize on this difficult time, re-think and re-double our efforts and emerge as a stronger company.

We got lots of new jobs come in this past week or two, and decided to invest in a new piece of machinery – we bought a brand new desiccant dehumidifier.

Here’s some info about this technology.

Dessicant Dehumidification
While refrigerant dehumidification works by passing air through refrigerated coils to condense water, desiccant dehumidifiers work when moist incoming air flows over a wheel filled with a silica gel desiccant. A desiccant is a material that attracts and holds moisture. This material sucks in moisture from the air. When the wheel rotates through heated exhaust air, the moisture evaporates and is carried outside. Then the cycle repeats. This process absorbs moisture without ice build-up and is not limited by low temperatures. A desiccant usually produces air with a relative humidity in the range of 4% – 8% – meaning – EXTREMELY DRY!

Our new dessicant will now provide a blanket of very dry air in our water restoration jobs to remove moisture from the contents and structure allowing both to dry simultaneously in place. Careful monitoring ensures wood floors and the structure are safely dried to prevent secondary damage, shorter drying time and clients getting their homes back sooner. NOW THAT’S GREAT NEWS!

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