A pipe bursts. Your roof leaks. A storm unleashes its power on your business. Or a fire causes your sprinkler system to go off, and – BOOM! – you have water damage at your place of work.


There are very few things that can put the brakes on a thriving business like the aftermath of a flood in your workplace. You will experience the loss of office equipment, inventory, and most importantly, computers containing office flies, client information, invoices, etc. You will also lose your productivity since you will have to drop everything and deal with the aftermath of water damage and rebuild your business back to working order.


Whatever the origin of your water damage may be, the speed of the clean up process all depends on how quickly the materials within your office can be dried. It is important to act fast if you want to get your business back up and running before losing customers and clients. Should you hire a restoration company or handle the cleanup all by yourself? When you decided to hire a water damage restoration expert – a very wise choice, by the way- a fleet of technicians will be dispatched to your office immediately to begin the process of water extraction and repair.  Our certified water damage specialists will also deal directly with your insurance company and claims adjuster, allowing you to focus on getting your business back up and running.

water damage restoration office

Besides needing to get back into business, why is dealing with the water damage quickly so important? Where there is excessive moisture, there is certainly mold. Picture just one tiny mold spore dropping onto a ceiling tile or a soggy section of your carpet. In virtually no time at all, that mold spore can multiply—and suddenly you’ll have employee and client health problems on your hands. According to the National Center for Environmental Health, coming in direct contact with molds can result in hay fever-like signs or symptoms and compromise the breathing of folks with chronic respiratory disease like COPD and asthma. Those with immune problems could possibly be at increased risk for infection from molds. Bottom line: If the job is too large to do by yourself with bleach along with elbow grease, it is very important to contact a mold remediation professional that has experience in effectively cleaning mold to stop contamination and recurrence.


To recap, taking fast action and working with water damage restoration experts can mean all the difference between sinking—or swimming—should your small business unfortunately experience flooding. While it’s fresh on your mind, why not save precious time now by pre-selecting a local water damage restoration team you are able to reply upon?

Flooding in the Workplace
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