When a flood situation occurs in the home most people wisely take immediate action. They understand the basics like finding exactly what’s causing the flood. For instance, turning off the water supply is the first step if they see a pipe that has burst. Additionally, people will use towels and mops to soak up as much water as possible and then turn on fans.

This should be enough right? Stay with friends or family for a week, come back home, and everything is as good as new? WRONG! Again, these are just basic steps that might cause irreparable harm if you don’t fully dry out your home.

A flood damage specialist’s work goes far beyond the basics by taking your home through a complete water removal process that is very efficient and fast. Your home will be tested properly for moisture levels. The specialist will use hi-tech equipment during the drying out phase that can help salvage your carpets, floors, and ceilings while preventing a huge mold outbreak.

As you can see, there are many important reasons to call a specialist if your home is hit by a flood. It’s OK to do the basics by yourself, but don’t just assume that you’re done.

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