Over eighty percent of household damage is the result of water damage and flooding. Broken water pipes are the largest contributor to that figure. Electronic items are destroyed. Rugs, curtains and clothes are ruined. You’ll spend days cleaning up the mess, getting rid of the mildew smell and getting any broken pipes fixed so you can get your water running again. The damage could be too much to handle on your own and you may want to contact a local restoration company. Here are 5 tips for preventing flood damage in your household.

  • If you notice your water bill is abnormally high and you have no idea why, do a complete inspection of your water system. There could be a faulty faucet or leaking pipe causing the problem.
  • Do not pour grease of any kind down your sink or disposal. A layer of solidified oils and fats can reduced the width of the pipe to only 3/4 of an inch.  It is only a matter of time before a small piece of food lodges itself in the grease and causes a clog!
  • Replace washing machine hoses every five years. Make sure everything is connected and there is no rust or corrosion.
  • Check your water heater annually. If you need to replace your water heater which is currently inside your home, explore the possibility of moving it to the garage. If the water heater ends up leaking, water damage will only be in the garage instead of your home.
  • Locate the turn-off valve for your city water supply. Learn how to operate it so in the event of an emergency you can quickly shut off your water.

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