Flood damage is costly to repair, and can make your house a breeding ground for molds, mildew, and other unwanted substances.  As your San Diego flood damage repair specialists, the pros at Orange Restoration have seen their fair share of devastating flood damage that could have been easily prevented or caught early before costly repairs were necessary.  Here are some tips to help you recognize signs of flood damage and how to prevent it.

Plumbing Repairs

Correct minor plumbing repairs as soon as possible. Most of the time, especially in San Diego where flash floods are less common, indoor flooding due to burst pipes or faulty plumbing causes water damage.  Leaky toilets or pipes may seem like a nuisance, but if you ignore the problem, you may find yourself dealing with both a major indoor flood and the resulting water damage.

Odors And Mold

Mold has a telltale musty odor, and likes to grow in dark, damp places. Carpet, because of its absorbent properties, is one of the places where mold can grow quickly if left unchecked.  If you notice musty smells or see any mold on your carpet or walls, it is time to call a flood restoration company or mold remediation expert to come in and repair the damage. Like decay on a tooth, mold and mildew that is visible to the naked eye represents only a small part of the actual damage.

Leaky Roofs

Like leaky pipes, small roof leaks may seem like a nuisance, something that you only notice when it rains and probably try to ignore.  You should know, though, that the water that drips in to your house is slowly causing damage to your furniture, floors, and walls, even if you can’t see it at first.  Not to mention that leaky roofs can lead to structural instabilities. In other words, don’t wait until the roof literally falls in before you call a repairman.

Check back often for more San Diego flood remediation and other related expert tips.

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