Yesterday we received an urgent phone call. Dirty water was leaking into a tenant's unit through the ceiling. The upstairs unit that was supposed to be vacant had a problem. The tenants who were evicted from the unit left their dogs behind. The dogs destroyed the unit.

Our damage restoration team was amazed by the damage. In an attempt to escape the dogs chewed through the dry wall throughout the unit. They also pooped everywhere covering the unit in feces. We think they accidentally hit the faucet handle resulting in water filling the unit and leaking into the unit below.

When we entered the unit we knew we had to move fast. Water damage leads to mold – a potential serious health hazard. First we called animal control to take the animals. We were disgusted and upset by the fear and torture the animals experienced. The poor animals were out of their minds by the time we found them.

We then turned off the faucet and started to remove the dirty water from the floor. Our technicians wore full protection to avoid contamination from the feces floating in the unit. We knew we had to move faster than usual to prevent disease causing toxins from affecting the tenants in the property.

Our team is currently working on the unit and will not hand over the keys until it looks brand new. When we are done we will help the property manager contact her insurance company and resolve all outstanding bills.

May you never have this experience, but if you do, don't do it alone. Water damage restoration is a complicated and potentially hazardous job. Let us help you.

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