Interesting facts, who would of thought that replacing dry wall is much more beneficial and coast efficient than trying to dry out the area. Typically when an area of drywall gets damaged by water it is very difficult to paint over. When the drywall gets wet it tends to bubble and wrinkle just as any piece of paper would. So when you have had any water damage in your home, be sure to check for area’s that may have encountered damage. Look for sign of discoloration, sagging, cracks, and bulging in the wall. Drywall that is wet is an ideal environment for mold and mildew; so do not hesitate address the area immediately to prevent any further complications.

Keep in mind surfaces that are painted are less likely to show the damages as easily. Use caution and check the area, you will be able to feel the dampness or softness where the damage has occurred.
Another potential area that may not be as obvious to detected would be the ceiling, if there is a leak there is likely going to be an area where there will be a drip and the paint will bubble.

Drywall water damage is not a problem that will go away on its own. So if and when you may find yourself in this type of situation, remember it is more beneficial to replace the wall as opposed to try to dry the area. The time and money will surely be less than the drying process, as well as it will prevent any potential structural and health problems!

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