fire damage in house interiorAfter the firefighting is done, the first step in reaching complete and total restoration is ventilating the property to get the smoke out and limit smoke damage. Smoke damage can really do a number on a home and its furnishings. And many different things can cause smoke damage, including large flare-ups in the kitchen, fireplaces that are lit with the flue closed and electrical fires, among other things.

Any one of these things can do a real job of stinking up the place. The resulting odor can be anything from a minor nuisance to such a significant smell that the home is essentially unlivable.

And the longer you allow smoke and other odors to linger inside, the more these terrible smells sink into the structure of your home, including carpets, furniture and even the walls. When smoke damage occurs, you need to go to work right away — or have someone go to work for you.

Please remember that if you choose to do any portion of the work yourself, you must remember to wear a facemask, eye protection, gloves and perhaps even a respirator as needed to keep damaging smoke particles from getting onto your skin and into your lungs.

If you choose to do the work yourself, remember the importance of ventilating and vacuuming for great results. In fact, the first steps you should take after smoke damage are:

– Opening up all doors and windows so fresh air can replace the smoke.
– Turning off any HVAC system that could spread the smoke to other areas of your home that may not already be impacted.
– Renting one or more industrial fans — something that may not cost very much to rent — and angling them so that they suck air out of your home rather than pulling it in to help rid your house of those smoky odors that won’t go away on their own.
– Vacuuming up soot and ash, if present, with a sturdy shop vac, remembering that the nozzle should be held above any soot, not pressed down into it allowing it to cause additional staining.
– Cleaning deeply to make sure that all furnishings and home surfaces are completely clean and free of any settled particles, dust or other contaminants.

If certain items are particularly damaged, simply throw them away. Professional smoke damage restoration experts may be able to restore certain items, especially if they are meaningful or precious to you.

For getting rid of the toughest odors, the best idea may well be to have professionals come in and use an ozone generator. Especially good with smoky odors, these units can be rented but are expensive to rent and do little good if they aren’t operated according to standardized procedures by experienced professionals.

If the HVAC system was allowed to run at all while the home was smoky, professional air duct cleaning may also be essential to get rid of all smoke damage odors. Carpet cleaning may be essential as well.

At Orange Restoration, we’re the professionals who can serve you best in San Diego and beyond. Because we employee a diverse team of professionals, we have people who can handle every aspect of smoke damage, fire damage repair and water damage restoration and put your home in the same condition as before — or perhaps even better.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us at (619) 376-6838 to get things back like they should be in your home or business. We’re always ready to come at a moment’s notice and do whatever it takes. And it all starts with a professional assessment.

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