When most people hear the words smoke damage or smoke restoration, they think of a house that been ravaged by a huge blaze. However, there are many instances of smoke damage inside the home that occur from much smaller fires.

People take for granted the smoke damage that can result from small appliances or an electric heater.  And let’s not forget about those kitchen cooking disasters with the stove or the microwave. Countless others have seen fires start when things got too close to the fireplace.

No matter the cause, smoke leaves an inescapable trail of soot and odor behind it. You see it and smell it in your walls, ceilings, drapes, cabinets, and other areas of your home. Sometimes you can take on the challenge of cleaning it all up by yourself.

But even then, it’s a job that’s better suited to a smoke damage specialist. A professional will go through all the steps including odor removal, deodorizing, surface cleaning, and even HVAC sanitization.

This is exactly what our San Diego smoke restoration team does here at Orange Restoration. If you need a hand with smoke damage cleanup, give us a call anytime.

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