smokealarmIf you live in southern California, you’re well aware of how vulnerable your home is to fire damage. This year, fires damaged thousands of homes; yet some nearby suffered little more than singed yards. Firefighters and scientists agree that by fireproofing your home, you can help defend your home from future, permanent damage. Making the smallest of adjustments, like cleaning out your gutters, can make a big difference.

  1. Install screens over attic vents

While vents in attics help circulate air and keep your attic cool, adding a screen helps prevent against fire damage. If a neighboring home is on fire, debris from that fire could fly into your attic through the vent, setting your home on fire. Protect against debris (as well as wildlife) from getting into your attic by installing a screen.

  1. Clean out your gutters

Pine needles and dead leaves can be very flammable. On a regular basis, clean out your gutters and other areas where stray pine needles and leaves build up

  1. Trim trees and bushes regularly

Trees and oversized shrubs should be regularly cleaned to remove any dead branches. Dead plants are brittle and more flammable. Keep your large plants alive and healthy and make sure no branches hang over the roof of your home.

  1. Water your lawn

A dead, brittle lawn can put your home in significant danger during fire season. A well-watered lawn can act as a barrier between the fire and your home. Since California is experiencing a severe drought, don’t drown or over water your lawn. Instead, water a couple times a week to keep it from drying out and keep the grass short. If your lawn is completely dry and you are unable to maintain it, consider removing it entirely and replacing it with rocks.

  1. Improve your roof

If your roof is made from wood, consider replacing it with more fire-resistant options, like ceramic tiles, slates, composition shingles, or metal sheets.

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How to Fireproof Your Home: Exterior
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