For Disaster Recovery, Depend On Orange Restoration… No Matter Where You Are.

flood disaster recovery equimentThe Orange Restoration team mobilizes whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Our team of disaster management experts have responded to natural disasters across the United States and beyond. When a hurricane, tornado, flood or other catastrophic events strike, we’re ready to spring into action.

Why not contact the Orange Restoration team now and learn more about how we can help manage the crisis in your neck of the woods? We’ll be there for you, just like we’ve been there for others since 2004.


The Right Equipment And The Right Management Team… Right Now

Disaster recovery requires a quick response. Unlike some of our competitors, the restoration equipment we use is our own. Our stable of machines includes a big inventory of commercial-sized drying machines, portable emergency generators and so much more. This means we can respond quicker than those who have to rent or buy equipment to ramp up for a major event.

Additionally, our staff of disaster recovery experts are fully trained, appropriately licensed and ready to roll out to any location across the nation. Moving rapidly and going to where the problems happen is the nature of our business. While others are gathering equipment and hiring temporary subcontractors, we’re already on our way to help with disaster recovery where you are.


What To Expect From Orange Restoration Disaster Recovery & Management Services

As your disaster recovery and emergency response company, our goal is to make managing catastrophic events and natural disasters easier than you ever imagined. To that end, you can expect the following from us:

  • We’re your partner in the emergency disaster management process, helping to mitigate damages, restore critical operations and get you back to normal.
  • We provide an experienced team of professionals who take real pride in doing what’s right. Our strong code of ethics and institutional values govern every action we take.
  • We’re committed to exceptional customer service that ensures your satisfaction. We settle for nothing less than 100 percent satisfaction.
  • We maintain a strict health and safety program that keeps our employees safe, minimizes job downtime and allows the disaster recovery management process to move smoothly and rapidly.
  • We stay long after the immediate needs have passed to complete the restoration process with necessary repairs and new construction.
  • We’re within reach day or night, no matter where you are in the United States. We go where the problems are to meet the nation’s most critical needs.
  • We have our own equipment and can access additional resources and supplies on a moment’s notice, meaning no job is too big for us.


Our Disaster Recovery Services For You

When you’ve had a big loss, we can help with flood cleanup and other disaster recovery services. We also offer the follow specific services:

  • Hospital services designed to reduce health risks from restoration and put things right after fire, flood, wind or water loss.
  • Microbial testing as part of remediation efforts to make sure mold and other contaminants are not an ongoing problem.
  • Risk assessment to identify concerns and form a plan of action to reduce the impact of the disaster and lead to the fastest and most effective disaster recovery possible.
  • And so much more.


If your need for emergency disaster recovery is the result of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event that impacts a large area, we may already have teams on the way or on the ground in your area. If you need disaster recovery related to a more contained or localized event, we can come quickly and get the ball rolling on complete restoration for you.

Contact us now at (619) 376-6838 for nationwide disaster recovery management that will meet your needs and exceed your expectation. Coming to where the need is greatest is the nature of our business, and we’ll be there for you.

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