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San Diego Water Damage Restoration Goes Smoothly When You Make Good Choices

water damage restoration workNo matter what type of water damage you have at your San Diego area home or business, there are tools and people who can take care of your problem for you. But using the wrong equipment, using it incorrectly or failing to complete the job can result in bad outcomes that can lead to addition damage over the long term.

The San Diego water damage restoration team you choose needs be an experienced firm with your best interests and complete satisfaction in mind. And they need to know the different between water damage and flood damage.

Flood Damage And Water Damage Requires Urgent Attention

A flood isn’t the only thing that can lead to water damage. Your San Diego property can have water damage from leaky faucets, the slow leaking of water in from outside and many other causes that never actually result in a flood. And each circumstance requires different methods to correct.

If you should have water damage of any kind at your home or business, the best course of action is to contact your San Diego water damage restoration company right away. If possible, stop the flow of water immediately, then make contacting a water damage restoration company your second order of business. Only the best water damage restoration and flood damage cleanup specialists know how to deal with every kind of situation to prevent further damage, dry what can be saved and remove building materials and possessions that must be discarded.

Orange Restoration can meet your needs because we’re a licensed, insured and bonded company with a highly experienced and careful team that performs all our services up to and above the industry standard.

We Can Put Things Right Starting Immediately

So how quickly can we start to put things right? We can be onsite within an hour in most cases and almost always within an hour and a half after your call. After evaluating your property and the damage it has incurred, we can create a restoration plan that involves proper repairs and addresses all your concerns. Once all your questions are answers, the serious work of putting things right can begin.

No matter the day or time of your call, our goal at Orange Restoration is always to come quickly, provide reasonable pricing and do the job right to your complete satisfaction.

We understand that water damage is a stressful event for you, but you must understand how important it is to take immediate action to mitigate damage and get the process of water damage restoration started so that it can be completed as quickly as possible.

Water damage can destroy walls and floors, lead to mold and bacteria and create a dangerous and unhealthy situation in your home or commercial building if not properly stopped and repaired. And correcting the damage yourself is nearly impossible unless you’re a trained and experienced expert. Why not contact us at Orange Restoration, your full-service San Diego water damage restoration company?

From the moment we step inside, we’ll take charge and start you down the road toward complete restoration. It’s what we do for good people like you every day.. call (619) 376-6838.

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Working Your Insurance Company After Residential Water Damage

Filing an insurance claim after your home experiences water damage can be confusing and frustrating. But, if you know what initial steps to take, the process can run much more smoothly.

san diego water damageFirst, you need to read your policy and then re-read it. Insurance policies aren’t always written in the most reader-friendly language and you may have to read a few times to understand what types of damages are covered. You may also want to see what the long-term effects are for filing a claim. Will your premium increase? Most likely it will, but by how much? Make sure you won’t end up losing money in the long-run if you file a claim.

Once you understand your policy, contact the insurance company immediately. The longer you wait, the more trouble you may have filing the claim. Many companies require you to file within a certain time period and you don’t want to miss the deadline. Whenever you speak to someone, make sure you get his or her name and, if possible, a number for the conversation log, in case you need to reference the conversation at a later date.

Before you clean up, take pictures of the damage. Don’t throw anything out until the insurance adjuster has investigated. If possible, be at the house when the adjuster comes so you can ask questions you may have.

Throughout the process, make sure you follow up with your insurance and keep any paperwork you’re given. Claims can take longer if you wait for them to respond. If they say two days, call the second day to ensure things are taken care of.

Even if it takes awhile to get the final check from your insurance company, don’t wait to have repairs done. The longer you wait, the more damage there could be. Water damage restoration is a necessity and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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5 Most Common Causes of Residential Water Damage

Whether you’ve recently experienced water damage in your home or just want to prevent it from happening, it’s important to know what common causes residential water damage.


Bursting or Leaking Pipes

Depositphotos_11392563_s-burst-pipe-300x198Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, old or blocked pipes can burst or leak. Make sure your garbage disposal is properly working and that food or large objects aren’t clogging any drains. In the bathroom, if your sink takes longer than normal to drain, you may have hair and products building up in the pipes.


Overflowing or Clogged Toilet

Whether it’s the flush valve or tank, a small toilet problem can cause a major problem. At least once a year, inspect your toilet and check for any worn or damaged materials and consider replacing them.


Home Appliance Malfunction

Any appliance connected to water has the risk of causing water damage, namely your dishwasher, laundry machine, and water heater. If you notice any hoses looking worn, replace them. If any of the appliances are slightly malfunctioning, call a repair technician to check for potential problems.


Roof Leak

Your home’s roof doesn’t last forever and, even if it looks like it’s in good condition, there may be holes developing. If your roof is more than ten years old, consider hiring a licensed roofer to check for any damage or potential problems.


Natural Disaster

Depending on where you live, natural disasters can cause water damage. While you can’t prevent an earthquake or severe storm from happening, you can make sure your appliances are solidly in place and that your roof and pipes are in good condition.

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Residential Water Damage

water-damage-restoration-1The First Things to Do When You Experience Residential Water Damage

A water pipe burst, your toilet overflowed, or some other disaster happened causing your home severe water damage. Residential water damage is a nightmare but you can wake up from it and get your house back to its dry self. If you’ve just experienced a flood or other water disaster, here are the first steps you should immediately take:

1. Turn off your water.
Shut off the main water line for your house and find out the source of the water. It doesn’t matter if a pipe burst in the kitchen or the bathroom, the only way to stop water from flowing is to turn off all the water to your house.

2. Turn off electricity and gas.
Water and electricity don’t mix. To avoid more disasters, turn off the electricity and gas from the main source. Make sure you’re not standing in water when turning off the electricity. If you can’t avoid this, call an electrician.

3. Find your most valuable items.
Locate your most important items, especially paper items like passports and checkbooks and make sure they’re safe from any water contact.

4. Call your insurance and take photos.
Before you move or clean up anything, take photos for your insurance claim and don’t throw anything away until the adjustor has investigated.

5. Assess the damage.
If there is any standing water, wipe it up and remove it. Move any furniture in the area, as well as breakables or small items that can be temporarily stored elsewhere. If the carpeting is wet, don’t immediately turn on fans or a heater until you know if any of the water contains sewage. If it does, fans can spread contamination.

6. Call a professional.
Once you have extracted as much water as you can, call a professional who deals with water damage restoration. A trained San Diego water damage professional can best determine what caused the problem, how to fix it, and how to repair any damages.

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How to Spot Water Damage in an Old Home

Depositphotos_11392563_s-burst-pipe-300x198If you own an older home, chances are it suffered water damage at some point since its original construction. A home that is over 30 years old is three times more likely to have a major plumbing problem than newer homes, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Another study performed by the IBHS concluded that 75% of water heaters will fail within the first 10 years of operation. Dealing with water damage can be a real headache so we wanted to include some tips for spotting water damage that you can utilize when looking into buying an older home.

How to Spot Water Damage

  • Feel for soft spots. Do you feel the floor sag when you walk into the bathroom? Are there visible water stains around the toilet or bathtub? These are common indicators that there has been a water leak and the wood could be rotting.
  • Look for rust. If the tank on your water heater is rusted is probably has a slow leak. You should also check the water heater for sediment build up since the previous owner may have neglected to flush it on a yearly basis.
  • Keep an eye out for warped or cracked flooring. Do you feel any cracking or warping when you walk along the tile and wood floors? If so, this could be a sign of existing water damage. Rises and bumps underneath the carpet can also be a tell-tale sign of damage from water.
  • Run the water. Turn on the water and check to make sure it is clear. Listen carefully to see if you hear spurts of air coming out. If the water is any color other than clear and you hear air spurts, chances are there is a serious plumbing problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.
  • Look up! Unscrupulous homeowners might try to cover up signs of water damage instead of fixing the problem. Look for quick repairs made to ceilings, such as new, heavy paint that might be covering up telltale brown water stains.
  • Step outside. Walk outside the house and look at the foundation. Is the yard landscaped for proper drainage, or does water pool next to the house? Check outlet hoses and drains if there are any, and make sure they are in good working order.
  • Inspect the roof. Missing shingles, pools of water, damaged flashing, or signs of wind damage could make your roof vulnerable to leaks. Have the roof and attic thoroughly inspected before taking the plunge and buying that house.

Protect your investment! Before you buy that old house, check it over for water damage. Your bank account will be glad you did.

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Water Damage Restoration Process

There is absolutely no one who expects a disaster to strike and destroy their home and belongings. Unfortunately the scary truth is that a disaster could strike at any time. Instead of shrugging your shoulders and wondering how you will be able to fix the mess, you will want to immediately start looking for a reliable damage restoration San Diego company. A well qualified restoration company with a good reputation will be able to transform your home back to its original state.

Evaluate the Damage

san-diego-water-damage-inspectionThe first thing the restoration company will do is send a group of inspectors to your home to start surveying the damage. These inspectors are not looking for visible damage to any of your belongings; instead they will thoroughly go through ever room in your home and look for any structural damage. If the team runs through the home without doing a sufficient inspection you are probably not working with a reliable restoration company. Never trust a company that recommends repairs without giving a thorough inspection.

Create a Plan of Action

After the inspection has been completed the restoration team will sit down with you and go over a plan to repair all of the damage. They should go over all the damage they discovered during the inspection and offer you several different options to fix the problem areas. There will be some repairs that will be optional, so it is up to the homeowner to decide if they want to repair certain things or simply replace them. You may not want to dispose of any of your belongings; however the cost or repair might be too high to consider fixing them.

Complete the Restoration

After approving the work, our expert technicians will begin working on the water repairs and restoration. This process could take days or weeks depending on the extent of the damage. Before starting they will give you an idea of the time frame so you can plan your living situation until the repairs have been completed. If the project exceeds the time frame they will let you know ahead of time so you can make the appropriate arrangements. A reliable restoration company will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process, limiting the disruption of your daily life as much as possible until everything is back to normal.

If you would like more information about the water damage restoration process or why we are a reliable San Diego water damage restoration company, give us a call 24/7! (619) 376-6838, we are happy to provide references!

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Water Damage Prevention Tips

Finding water damage in your home or business is unexpected and can be extremely stressful. It can disrupt your daily life and result in loss of your valuables. Here are some tips to help prevent water damage on your property and what to do if it occurs.

Check your appliances!


–          After flushing be sure that the water shuts off once the fill valve has finished resetting the bowl

–          If the bowl or tank begins to overflow shut the water off at the supply valve

–          Inspect the supply line for leaks every six months

–          Inspect the flushing mechanism inside the tank every six months

–          Replace the flapper assembly if the tank is refilling when not in use


–          Inspect plumbing under the sink every six months

–          Ensure connections are secure with no corrosion

–          Inspect the water shut-off valve every six month to be sure valve is functioning

Shower Stalls:

–          Inspect tile or grout every six months for cracked or loose tiles or grout

–          Test the shower pan annually for leaks

Washing machines:

–          Turn off supply valves when not in use

–          Do not operate when no one is home

–          Inspect the water supply line every six months

–          Check the hoses for cracks or blisters

Water heaters:

–          Have a professional San Diego plumber inspect the anode rod at least once every two years

–          Have the tank flushed every six months to remove sediment build up

Drain Systems:

–          Visually inspect plumbing pipes annually

–          Check your water bill for unexplained increases

–          Insulate pipes in the attic or basement

Prevent water backup!

–          Maintain gutters and downspouts, keeping free of debris and leaves

–          Ensure downspout is at least ten feet away from the building

–          Adjust landscape so water flows away

–          Prevent backflow of sewer water by installing backflow valves and standpipes

–          Drain any standing water with a sump pump system that also has a battery back up

–          Check your A/C regularly to ensure that it is draining properly and no standing water is present

–          Check your attic for air leaks or holes

In the event that any of these plumbing fixtures malfunction and flood your home, call a San Diego water damage company ASAP! Our water damage experts are 24/7 to address your needs. We know that quality is key, especially local quality. Our technicians are trained and certified and will be out to your home or business in the blink of an eye! We are committed to providing timely, personalized, expert services as well as providing restoration services to bring every San Diego property back to a healthy, dry, pre-loss condition at an affordable cost! Call now!

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Preventing Water Damage in Your San Diego Home

You will discover countless restoration companies inside the San Diego area that claim to be water damage restoration businesses. These so called restoration specialists have absolutely zero water removal knowledge, flood damage cleanup coaching or dehumidification gear to perform water and flood damage repair jobs. Additionally they do not have any education or experience with water extraction, drying and clean up. There’s an extremely small opportunity that the residence you are experiencing damage at will be completely restored through their solutions. This is because these San Diego water damage removal, fire restoration and also mold remediation companies have absolutely no experience in the industry. Meanwhile, the water damage has led to additional structural damage to the dry walls, ceilings, carpets, and floors, which can frequently lead to a serious mold infestation.


Expert San Diego restoration companies will arrive at your location of emergency as quickly as possible (most time within an hour), which can be the most important component for preventing the mold growth. Our water damage restoration experts in San Diego understand that time is speed is important and a prompt response to your emergency will reduce the duration and price of your individual damage restoration project. These San Diego mold removal and water damage specialists arrive ready to assess the water damage and mold inside your residence or place of business and start drying out area at once. Our trucks stay equipped with the gear and supplies necessary for any fire, smoke, soot and water restoration job in the San Diego area. Expert water extraction skills and drying tools which can be utilized for water removal and will help prepare the structure for the rest of the damage restoration process. Our San Diego water damage restoration experts provide reliable, competent and personalized service take care of a number of recovery scenarios.


There are numerous occasions where you can experience water damage and mold. It could be caused by broken pipes, leaky pipes, broken home appliances or sinks overflowing, cracks in a foundation or exterior rooms, improperly sealed toilets or showers, outdoor leaks, and all-natural disasters like flooding for example. What happens to trigger the water damage, it is very important to act rapidly to help with the drying procedure and eliminate all water from your house. You can help with the drying procedure by opening windows and doors, turning off all water sources and make sure all gas lines are off to prevent further damage from occurring.

For more information about preventing water damage in your San Diego home you can view our blog or visit us online.

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Common Water Damage and Flood Cleanup Myths

#1: I have to first contact my insurance company

Definitely not necessary nor advised. “But I thought I’d need a claim number so I could begin the procedure? ” you say? Nope, you need water out and as quickly as possible and have the problem contained. The insurance claim process may be dealt with later. You don’t have time to wait around to hear back from your insurer with a claim number. It just suggests greater damage along with more costs in their eyes, so they want you to have the work done as fast as possible!

#2: My insurance company will cover mold damage

Not very likely at all. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover the price of mold remediation products and services. What does this mean for you?

1) If you already have mold, you’re going to pay out of pocket for that loss.

2) In the event that you’ve suffered surging damage, get this fixed now before the mold starts spreading to other areas of your property.

#3: I’m worried my claim will cost too much and won’t fix everything

Our industry is unlike a great many others you used to conducting business with. Where most agencies decide what they charge for their services, and those costs may vary wildly between businesses, our industry’s charges for service are usually baked. What this means is that we follow the pricing guidelines established by insurance companies who generally cover the cost of individual water damage repair services. In different words, our prices are established by them, not you.

Water damage companies work with a system called Xactimate. It’s an authorized software that is usually used by adjusters, and it calculates the correct rates (agreed upon by insurers) to charge for each service rendered.

#4: I don’t need a professional to clean my carpets after a sewage spill

The rule of thumb is that if sewage comes in contact with it, it has to be removed and replaced.  This absolutely applies to carpet.  We will remove the carpet and decontaminate the floor underneath before replacing it with a new carpet.

#5: I can rent the equipment and repair the damage myself

We all witness this on a regular basis. Someone tries to save lots a few dollars on the deductible vs. out-of-pocket and they try and carry out the cleanup in and dry-out job themselves. A few quick Google searches, and some Youtube videos, and presto, you’re a professional. Fast forward a little to when we get the call:

“I think there’s some water damage and mold in my residence. It smells very musty. ”

flood cleanup company

Don’t be that individual. Remember the myth about insurance protecting mold? Well, try to save some bucks on the flood cleanup procedure and you will often end up having to pay of pocket using a service that will cost you much more.

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Water Damage Restoration Requires a Trained Professional

San Diego Water Damage Restoration Requires a Trained Professional

Orange Restoration uses the newest equipment and techniques for our Orange County, San Francisco, Calgary and San Diego water damage restoration services. It is impossible to know exactly when your home or business is going to flood, but you can rest easier knowing that there is a team of specialists that are on call 24 / 7 when you encounter water damage will be able to resolve the problem quickly and without costing a pretty penny. From broken pipes in the bathroom, to busted sewer lines, we handle it all. In addition to our San Diego water damage restoration services, Orange Restoration also offers premier water mitigation services in Orange County, San Francisco, Calgary and San Diego to ensure we minimize damage and potential water damage. We are fully licensed and insured and here to help our neighbors whenever a problem comes up.

San Diego water damage service


Orange Restoration will help you work with Insurance – then we will direct bill them for water damage! Leave all the hassle up to us!
We offer 24 hour emergency San Diego water damage restoration services 365 days a year for water damage in San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco and Calgary!
Emergency Response to all forms of water damage from pipes bursting
Water Extraction
Water Mitigation
Leak Detection with our advanced equipment – including thermal imaging
Drying and Dehumidification of all water damage areas
Deodorizing and odor control of water damage area
Complete Mold Remediation and Bacteria inspection and destruction of all three
We move all furniture and personal items, pack them up, and clean, then place them back
Comprehensive Property Restoration from your San Francisco, Calgary, Orange County and San Diego Water Damage

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