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The Many Jobs of a Property Manager

Property managers have it rough. Not only do they have to rent out a unit, they have to deal with tenants and owners, collect rents, maintain and upgrade units, be prepared for any emergency and keep a smile on their face. Property managers, we salute you.

Below is a great list we found at the California Department of Real Estate listing the many jobs of a property manager. Feel free to add any tasks you think should be on the list and have been missed.


(Source: http://www.dre.ca.gov/pdf_docs/ref_book/ref22.pdf)

Here are some of the specific duties a property manager must perform:

1. establish the rental schedule that will bring the highest yield consistent with good economics.

2. merchandise the space and collect the rent.

3. create and supervise maintenance schedules and repairs.

4. if applicable, insure independent contractor license status and insurance coverage.

5. set up payroll system for all employees.

6. develop a tenant/resident relations policy.

7. supervise employees and develop employee policies, including an Injury Prevention Plan.

9. qualify and investigate a prospective tenant’s credit.

10. prepare and execute leases.

11. obtain decorating specifications and secure estimates.

12. hire, instruct, and maintain satisfactory personnel to staff the building(s).

13. audit and pay bills.

14. advertise and publicize vacancies through selected media and broker lists.

15. recommend alterations and modernization as the market dictates.

16. inspect vacant space frequently. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 531

17. keep abreast of the times and competitive market conditions.

18. obtain and pay insurance premiums and taxes.

19. be knowledgeable about and comply with applicable Federal, State and local laws.

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How to Handle Emergencies in the Middle of the Night

It’s 3am and you’re sleeping. Out of nowhere your cellphone goes off and there is a frantic voice on the other end. It’s tenant 4A speaking gibberish – something about a toilet overflowing and water leaking everywhere and his stuff getting destroyed. You’re still in bed and you’re barely functioning. Your heart starts to beat loudly and you sit up looking for the light switch. With the light on and the phone in your hand you run into your office, tell the tenant you will call him back and find your plumber’s number. You dial the number and there is no answer. You call again. Still no answer. What do you do now?

It’s not easy to be woken up in the middle of the night by a frantic tenant whose toilet overflowed. When emergencies arise, as a property manager, it’s your responsibility to fix the mess. How do you know who to call to help you?

You need the number of a reliable water restoration company in your contacts. Prior to an emergency, you need to find the perfect team you can rely on who will be available 24 hours/7 days a week to fix any problem. There are many water restoration companies looking to take advantage of property managers who are not fully aware of costs. You don’t want to be looking for the right company 3am when your tenants are blowing up your phone.

When any emergency happens in the middle of the night, you want to keep your cool and focus on the issues at hand. Grab a pad and pen and start writing everything down. You want to have all the details straight – not something that is easy to do in the middle of the night! Call your specialists and tell them the situation. Sometimes you may even need to drive to the location to facilitate the process. Be caring and considerate towards your tenants, hopefully they have renter’s insurance at your urging. Make your renters feel like they are being taken care of and call the insurance company first thing in the morning. Remember, prior to the insurance company sending out an adjuster to view the damage, you do not want any permanent repairs. In the middle of the night you want to stop the problem and prevent it from continuing.

Call us today to find out if we are the right specialists for you. We respect and value your need for the best service and best price. We want to be your hero in the night.

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How Safe Is Your Home?

You might be tempted to answer that your home is very safe, but before you do, take a minute to think about this question. For those of you who read our blog on a regular basis, you know that we have explored topics dealing with the services that we provide, mainly San Diego flood, fire, and mold restoration.

Most homeowners assume that if their house isn’t flooded, on fire, or covered in mold, that it is probably a safe place for them and their families to be. In many cases this is true but while we don’t want to alarm you, in some cases, it isn’t.

How can you make your home a safer place? Read on to find out.

Periodic Home Inspections: In the same way that you go to your annual physical appointment with your doctor and take your car in for tune ups, your home also needs a checkup every six months to a year to make sure that everything is running smoothly. A professional will check for signs of rot, building deterioration, mold, water damage, and potential fire hazards.

Detection And Monitoring: If you have a mold detector, smoke detector, or any other type of monitoring system in your home, make sure that these devices are functioning properly and that the batteries in them are replaced regularly.

Manual Maintenance: Check your pipes and water levels every few months or so for signs of hidden leaks, and make sure that all electrical cords are kept in good condition and unplugged when not in use.  Simple steps like these can save a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run.

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Orange Restoration New Services!

Orange Restoration has always been committed to providing the highest quality, timely and personalized service to our clients for their water restoration and mold remediation needs. That is why our clients have learned we are the company they can trust in times of disaster. Our commitment to our customers, the environment and to using green practices is what makes Orange Restoration unique in San Diego County. It is with this same commitment we are now offering a variety of new services.

Orange Restoration – When you want it done right the first time!

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Orange Restoration Helping Haiti

So we have all have seen, and probably been touched in one way or another by the disasterous situation in Haiti since the earthquake couple of weeks ago.
We have joined the SDJA, Latet, and other organizations in the San Diego community, and have launched an aid operation for helping Haiti.


The specific items we are collecting were identified by Latet agents who have been on the ground and are continuously assessing the needs of the people since the earthquake.
This is a short term EMERGENCY operation. We plan to schedule the departure of donated goods from San Diego no later than next weekend, after having collected, sorted, packed and labeled all supplies. It is greatly important to take immediate steps to procure these donations

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Launching Orange Carpet Cleaning!

As many of you already know – we have recently launched Orange Carpet Cleaning as part of our many services offered now we have also wet and dry carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, oriental rug cleaning and much more!

Leading me into the big question of the day – which do you think is better – bonnet – “dry” carpet cleaning, or steam extraction “wet” carpet cleaning?
Check out the awesome test video below and let me know what you think 🙂
We have been offering both depending on the situation and preference of the client – but maybe there’s a clear winner among the two?

I would love to hear pros’ opinions!

The Ultimate Test


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