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Everything you need to know about El Niño

Whether you have heard about El Niño from a friend, from the news, or even from an overheard debate about just how bad it is going to get, if you own your own home or property then you definitely need to wise up. As well as bringing a huge amount of crazy weather that could really impact the places that you live and work in, it can also dramatically change the daily weather for a full season, and if you want to be able to protect your properties, then you need to understand El Niño – especially as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA) have calculated that there is a 95% chance that El Niño will push its way up to the Northern Hemisphere right through the winter of 2015 – 2016.

el nino storm pattern

So what exactly is El Niño? Well, it is a regular weather pattern that happens every few years that can bring a huge amount of disruption to many different countries the world over. Technically, there are two forms: El Niño, and La Niña, and there is one key difference. El Niño is created because of very warm ocean temperatures, beyond that which is normal, and La Niña is formed due to very cold ocean temperatures. As the weather systems get stronger and stronger, you can quickly find that El Niño brings a huge amount of rainfall to the south of the US, which causes terrible flooding, and at the same time creates droughts in the West Pacific.

Now is the time to act if you want to prepare your properties for the onslaught that is El Niño. That is one of the few benefits of El Niño – you will always get a little bit of time beforehand so that you can make any checks or changes to your properties.

As we move into winter, you should have a full inspection of your roof and gutters, to ensure that they are not going to leak. You should also talk to your insurance company if your property is situated near a large body of water, such as a lake, river, or even a large amount of groundwater! Having flood insurance will be key for you if this is the case, because even if you have not been flooded before, El Niño is that much more unpredictable, and you want to be prepared for the worst. Make sure that you understand precisely what is covered by your flood policy.

There will be a huge amount of information that your insurance company will need in order to accurately assess what your flood policy should be. For example, they may ask whether you have a back up generator or not, whether your property has any history of flooding in the past, and whether you have made any improvements to the property in the last five years. You may want to include details such as the presence of pumps in the basement, if you have any, as that information could reduce the premium that you pay.

In many countries, the presence of an El Niño weather system could mean that the normal transition from autumn to winter could be delayed – but in others, that will just mean that your winter will last even longer than normal. That means that you could be looking forward to freezing pipes all the way through January and February, but also into March and April as well. Heavy snow fall could potentially occur for much of those months as well, so it is vitally important that you take an inventory of your home and outdoor items so that, should the worst happen, you know exactly what you have lost.

There are many things about El Niño that few people would consider, such as the fact that many areas in the country have laws that will require you to keep the sidewalk and your drive as ice and snow free as possible, so you could have the get the shovel out on a regular basis. Of course, it is always safer if your driveway and the sidewalk outside your house are safe to walk on, so even if your local area does not require this, it may be a good idea anyway.

For those out there who rent or lease property, rather than simply owning it, then it is the person who owns the property who is ultimately responsible for what happens to it, but if you are considered to be negligent then it could very easily make you liable for costs and reparations. That is why you should make sure, during El Niño season, that you keep a close eye on the way that the property is responding to the strange weather, so that anything that needs to be can be repaired as soon as possible.

When it comes to keeping a roof over your head, there are many things that you can do to ensure that El Niño will not get the better of you. To start with, assess the extent that trees and their branches go over your roof, because you will want to ensure that they are completely secure and will not fall down in high winds, thick ice, or heavy snow. After that, give your roof a good going over by a professional, so that they can tell you whether or not you need repairs done to keep it water tight. Particular things that you should look out for on flat roofs include surface bubbles or missing gravel; missing or broken tiles on a tiled room; and any sort of irregularities that you do not remember always being there.

The end of the year is always a great time to ensure that you give your property or properties a good going over, and so take El Niño as a brilliant excuse to get this moving. Your contents, for example, could have massively increased just after the Christmas period, and you may need to get your entire contents insurance completely redone. You can easily keep a record of the items that you own by going around your home with a video camera – and as long as you keep that file safe, you will always be able to see exactly what you owned if something like a flood occurs. The key thing to do is to ensure that you do not miss out important areas such as your shed, as you could easily find lawn mowers, tools, and spare things such as roof cladding there – all worth a good deal.

Should the very worst happen, and El Niño hit where you life, then you need to make sure that you have an emergency plan. This is one that your family and friends can follow, so that you know that should something terrible happen to your home, you will have somewhere to go, someone to keep you fed and warm, and a way to get the majority of the important items you own out of the property safely. For example, you should always back up your computer each month and keep a copy out of the home, and you should also make sure that you always have a battery powered radio and flashlight by the exits, just in case.

San Diego residents in need of flood or water damage restoration, call (619) 376-6838.

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San Diego Flood Damage – Orange Restoration on Channel 10 News

If you have been affected by the flash floods in San Diego, contact Orange Restoration San Diego for help at (619) 376-6838

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El Nino Year Means Trains Of Storms Impacting California

Late 2015 proved to be an unusual El Niño time because a lot of the expected storm activity tracked toward the Pacific Northwest. But as 2016 arrives, a series of storms is expected to bring much of California, including San Diego, some welcome rainfall — and the potential for flooding. The rains will impact a great deal of the southwest portion of the nation.

The Pacific Ocean El Niño pattern is caused by higher-than-normal water temperatures in the tropics, and this pattern usually strengthens storms that track toward the West Coast of the United States. November and December saw impact of this weather pattern farther north, and now it’s California’s turn.

For the first full week of the new year and beyond, the weather will be very active in San Diego and across the state, according to meteorologists. While this wave will mean inches of rain for California and much of Arizona, it won’t be enough to make much of dent in the drought. Still, localized flooding and water damage are possible.

Mountainous areas will get snow, which will help with filling rivers and lakes later in the year. It could amount to several feet of snow and even lead to travel problems in places like Donner Pass. Baja California will also see significant rains.

Storms arriving in the coming days and weeks may each be stronger than the last and bring heavier rainfall.

Urban flooding and mudslides are predicted from these rain events in early 2016. Burn-scarred areas are the most susceptible to mudslide. Motorists are being warned to use extra caution and allow for more driving time as the rain will impact most areas in waves. When the next wave will occur in a particular area may not always be predicted with complete accuracy.

San Diego has already been affected by flash floods, here is our very own Jonathan speaking to Channel 10 News:

One bit of good news: winds with these early 2016 rainstorms are not expected to be strong. But the destructive impact of the water will likely be felt in at least some localized areas.

San Diego residents in need of help with flood and water damage, call (619) 376-6838

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Making Your Home Healthy for a Baby – Mold & More

baby crawling from moldWhen you’re expecting a baby, your life is not only filled with joy and excitement, it’s also filled with demands. During this time, not only is your life changing, your home will be to. You will need to prepare your home in order to provide the healthiest environment for this new addition to your family. There are many concerns you may not have considered, such as mold, chemicals, wireless frequencies, and more.

You may be anticipating plenty of gifts for your new baby showers, but you will also need other items. Most often, nearly everything for your baby will be brand-new in its original packaging. You may have new furniture, paint, bedding, clothing, and even curtains and flooring for the nursery. You may end up with the nursery that looks like a show room in a furniture store. Unfortunately, it will probably carry a recognizable chemical odor that comes with all of those new items.

During the latter part of pregnancy, and just after baby is born, new parents typically spend more time than usual indoors. To provide the healthiest environment for your baby you need to consider not just obvious hazards, but also those invisible to the eye. We have measured a number of nurseries using PID (photoionization detection) diagnostic devices and found levels of TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) to be significantly higher than the rest of the home. In some cases, these levels were as high as those found in garages and sheds were pesticides, paints, and other chemicals were stored.

Formaldehyde is a common airborne pollutant often found in nurseries. Formaldehyde is used in a number of manufacturing processes and can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Formaldehyde is often given off by foam mattresses, changing table pads, flooring, and furniture. Other chemicals often found in nurseries include SVOC (semivolatile chemical compounds). These compounds tend to settle into surface dust quickly. Some of these are found in fire retardant materials. Studies have linked these compounds to developmental delays, hormone disruptions, infertility, and more. Fire retardant materials containing these compounds are often used in furniture, nursing pillows, car seats, carpets, and clothing. They are found in the highest concentrations in dust that can be inhaled or ingested. This places babies and toddlers that play on the floor at highest risk.

Plastic items such as toys, play mats, food containers, and bottles can also contain chemicals that compose risks to small children through contact with dust, food, and water. Bisphenol A (BPA) phthalates, and PVC can all mimic estrogen in the body leading to serious health hazards. Due to their smaller size, babies and toddlers are most susceptible to these compounds. Early testing for indoor toxins can be a valuable investment in the health of your children.

Chemicals are not the only environmental stressors that need to be taken into consideration. Many common electrical devices emit EMFs (extremely low frequency magnetic fields) and radiofrequency fields. Some studies have linked these fields to leukemia, though these links are still being scientifically debated. However, due to the uncertainty of these studies, the safest route is to practice caution. Baby monitors can be quite convenient, but should be carefully located to minimize your baby’s exposure to these fields.

Radio frequencies given off by mobile phones can affect babies even before they are born. A study from Yale University showed that radiation from these devices can have a number of biological effects, including DNA breaks. EMF and radiofrequency radiation can be minimized with an audit of your devices. Such an audit will measure these fields, determine level of risk, and suggest optimum placement.

Many people store herbicides and pesticides in garden sheds and other outside storage areas. Your garden is better served by controlling insects and weeds with a targeted program rather than more generalized kill everything products. There are many non-toxic alternatives that can take care of your specific needs.

There is a lot that you can do to minimize exposure to environmental stressors. Your baby could care less about your decorating efforts, but your efforts to minimize toxins will set your mind at peace and give your baby a better start in life.

The following is a list of tips that can help you give your baby the healthiest start:

  • Look for water-based paints with no volatile organic compounds when painting not just the nursery but the whole house. If you are removing coats of paint, you need to know when you’re home was built. Homes built prior to 1979 were often painted with lead-based paint.
  • Look for flooring materials that do not emit chemicals. If you are installing new flooring look for natural materials containing less toxic materials. Also, the earlier you can install new flooring, the more harmful chemicals will be off gassed and dissipated before your baby arrives.
  • Pregnant women should not help with remodeling. Pregnant women and small children should avoid being exposed to dust and odors generated by the remodeling process.
  • Furniture made from solid wood will off gas less formaldehyde and other toxic compounds. Water-based acrylic surface finishes will produce fewer odors than wax or oil-based finishes.
  • Steer clear of items containing polyurethane and fire retardants. The best bets are products manufactured prior to 2005 or after 2014. Look for untreated products made from natural fibers. If you can, look for certified organic cotton and wool.
  • New bedding, clothing, curtains, and other fabrics should be washed before they go in the nursery.
  • When buying plastic products, look for those labeled BPA free, and limit how much canned food you use. If you can, choose glass and stainless steel containers to store your food.
  • Look for toys and other products that are natural and chemical free as often as possible. Even plastic toys that are BPA free may still contain ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), while those labeled PVC free may still contain phthalates.
  • Before making a major investment, check the manufacturer’s recall list as well as the governments recall site to be sure the items you are purchasing have not been found effective.
  • Arrange the nursery so the crib is not next to a wall that has electrical appliances on the other side. You might even consider contacting a professional who can evaluate your home for EMFs to determine optimal furniture arrangement.
  • If you buy a baby monitor, look for one that is activated by motion and sound, and place them as far as possible from the crib. Wireless devices give off more RF radiation than wired devices. In RF evaluation specialist can help you determine the best location for your monitor.
  • Do not use your mobile phone or other device near your baby. Do not keep charging stations near the crib or play area.
  • Minimize applications of pesticides. Talk to a licensed pest control expert about safer alternatives.
  • Make your home less attractive to pests by taking out trash frequently, keeping food put away in sealed containers, and washing dishes frequently.
  • If your home has had water damage, or you think you may have mold, contact a professional for removal.
  • Look for natural, non-toxic, or less toxic cleaning products and look for a vacuum with HEPA filtration. Organic and non-toxic products, especially products for children, our growing industry. As a result there are now many great products that won’t break the bank.

For help with mold remediation in your San Diego home, call (619) 376-6838.

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San Diego Residents Feel Blowing, Flooding Impact Of Winter Storm

A winter storm on December 11 brought strong winds and large waves across San Diego County and snow in the mountains. It was the first snow of the winter and was part of a strong winter system that brought winds up to 70 mph as it passed.

While storms like this aren’t uncommon in the San Diego area, this system is the first of the season. Historically, some homeowners and business owners are caught unprepared for the first major storm system of the winter season.

Visibility in the desert was reduced due to blowing dust and snow made driving conditions hazardous along part of I-8 in the mountains. Perhaps the most devastating part of the system, however, is the coastal flooding and damaging surf from the largest swells. Surf near and south of Carlsbad was expected to peak at 15 feet.

The National Weather Service indicated that flood damage and wind damage would be possible from the storm, but it isn’t yet known how many homes were impacted by wind and water. And as the storm progresses, light to moderate rain is expected to sweep across the more densely populated areas of the region, bringing the potential for more flood and water damage.

Snow was expected to happen only above 7,500 feet at first but drop to as low as 4,500 feet, with some areas getting as much as 4 inches of snow while lower elevations that see snow may only get a trace. Outside mountain areas, wind and flooding are the primary cause for concern.

Drier times are expected to be short-lived with another storm system on the way. This additional system will only increase water and flood damage and potentially bring damage to additional areas. Flood damage restoration companies like Orange Restoration are already readying additional supplies to respond to the hardest-hit areas.

If your San Diego home or business becomes effected by the wind or high surf, contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838.

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10 dead as a result of wintry storm in Kansas and Texas:

car crash in flood10 deaths were reported in Kansas and Texas because of flooding and wintry precipitation. In Kansas there were few single vehicle accidents leading to the death of 5 people. Lt Adam Winters who is with the Highway Patrol of Kansas, said that all the accidents were because of black ice and hazardous conditions.

In Dallas area, 3 people died because of flooding.  The victims included Benjamin Floyd in Garland, Dallas. He was 29. The victim was going to work when his car was swept of the road by raging floodwaters. According the city official the victim could not get out of the car and his car got submerged under water.

According to the emergency management officials of Johnson County, there were two deaths because of flooding.

Ice storms were reported by National Weather Service in Texas Panhandle. On interstate 40, three people died because of a road accident. The accident was reported approximately 45 miles west of Amarillo.

There was a situation in Tarrant County in which at least one person was presumed to be dead after he was missing. But there was a dramatic rescue and the person was saved. The sheriff’s deputy who was caught up by the floodwaters was rescued.

There was another incident in which a vehicle with 70 years old woman got swept away by the high waters according to Terry Grisham spokesman of the sheriff’s department. There was an attempt to rescue the woman in which the Krystal Salazar, the sheriff’s deputy got caught in surging waters. Salazar held on to a tree for about two hours before getting rescued.

A large are of United States has been coping with the weather system that brought freezing temperatures and rain. In Oklahoma about 83,000 people were without power according to OG&E, a utility company. There were also many reports of trees down in Oklahoma. 400 utility crews were deployed and the power to about 50,000 people was restored according to OG&E.

There a warning of ice storm and winter weather advisory for many parts of Oklahoma according to National Weather Service. It is expected that the temperatures will remain below freezing. There is also the possibility of accumulations of ice in some areas. Driving conditions can be very tough and they can deteriorate even further because of freezing fog.

There is a warning by National Weather Service that part of northeast Texas and southeast Oklahoma could experience some flooding. However some advisories of flood were expired.

The flood warnings are still in place in Texas along different parts of Trinity River and also for some sections of Rio Grande. It is expected that the water levels will continue rising along west fork of river.

Difficult weather conditions can continue in Kansas. There can be snow accumulation of about 5 inches in some areas. There is also a possibility of intense snowfall and gusty winds in northwest Kansas.

Drivers are warned to exercise caution.

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3 Dead, 1 missing because of flood water

Car Under WaterThree lives were claimed by floodwaters as 5.5 inches rain fell in North Texas. Another person was presumed to be dead after he was missing in high waters.

Body of Benjamin Taylor Floyd was found inside a submerged car, in Garland. According to a spokesperson of the Fire Department, the victim tried to drive through the high water. The victim was 29 years old. It was not clear since how long the vehicle was underwater when a search and rescue team was called at about 8.30 am to check, on the Campbell road near the Brand road.
33 years old Sandra Jones was found dead in her car. The car was swept off the road by raging waters flowing over banks of Rock Creek west of Burleson.

48 year old Jose Vargas also died in a flood related incident. The victim’s body was found near Mansfield after deputies of Johnson County’s sheriff tried to rescue him and two other people who were in a pickup. Jose Vargas could not be rescued while the other two people survived.

A deputy of Tarrant County sheriff escaped death as she was trying to save a 70 years old woman in Burleson. Krystal Salazar, the sheriff’s deputy was swept away on Oak Grove road near the Interstate 35W. She held on to a tree for nearly two hours, before she was rescued. The old woman which Salazar was trying to rescue could not be found.

In Dallas, there were 27 rescue calls related to flooding after vehicles stopped in high waters. Luckily no injuries were reported. There were also 83 different traffic accidents to which Fire-Rescue crew responded.

There was an accident in South Dallas in which two children died. A speeding SUV rear ended the car carrying the family of which these children were part of.

Aylin who was 1 year old and Yahis who was 12 years old were ejected from car as a result of collision and they died. The parents of the two and another child suffered minor injured. The SUB was being driven by Kelvin Walker, who was held at Dallas County Jail. Walker 23, might be charged with manslaughter.it was being investigated by Sheriff’s department, if alcohol played a role in crash.

Rick Mitchell, meteorologist at KXAS-TV (NBC5) urged the people to respect the flood warnings. He said that ground was saturated and because of that even light rains would continue to cause problems. He further said that one should be especially cautious, when sun goes down as one cannot tell if road has water on it or not.
According to Jamie Gudmestad of National Weather Service with recent rains, 2015 has become wettest year in North Texas. The total rainfall recorded throughout the year has been 56 inches. The previous record was of 53.5 inches, in 1991. More rains are expected to fall in coming days.
The temperatures fell from 65 to 42 while the normal high for the month of November is 64.

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Washington State – Emergency declared by Governor after 3 dead because of flood and storms

winter flooding in OregonA state of emergency was declared by the Governor, Jay Inslee in Washington State on 18th November 2015. The state of emergence was declared after the state was struck by series of storms starting from 13th November. The storms also affected Oregon State.

The storms resulted in extreme rainfall and high winds, resulting in saturated soils, major flooding, landslides, stream slope and bank erosion, uprooted and broken trees, fallen tree branches and flying debris.

3 Deaths due to storms:

The havoc created by the storms lead to the death of 3 people. All the three deaths were caused because of wind damage. There was widespread damage to property as well. Thousands of businesses and homes were left without power as winds of 70 miles per hour (113 kph) blew across the area. Because of strong winds a number of business and homes saw structural damage. Many trees were uprooted or broken. The storms also lead to the closure of different important roads and rail roads. There was also significant damage to public utilities and public facilities.

After widespread damage, state of emergency was declared for all the counties in the state of Washington. The state departments and agencies were directed to make use of the state resources for helping in the affected areas.

Governor’s Statement:

According to the statement of the Governor, the storms caused injuries to many citizens and resulted in major power outages, temporary closure of roads, evacuations, closure of rail roads, and cancellation of airline and ferry system. It was also mentioned in the statement that as a result of storms, there was extensive damage to businesses, homes, public facilities, public utilities, infrastructure, electrical power systems and property.

Wildlife Damage made the flooding worse:

There are also concerns that landslides, erosions, and flooding during harsh weather was exacerbated by the wildfire damage. Various areas of Washington State got affected by major damage from wildfire between the months of July and September (2015). The wildfire resulted in large areas being cleared off from trees and plants.


According to NWS Seattle on 17 November record levels of rainfall were recorded. It was tweeted on their Twitter account. It was mentioned by them that on 17th November record rainfall of 2.08 inches (60mm) was recorded, while the previous record was 1.61 inches, it was in 1959.

The rainfall at Sea-Tac airport on 17 November was also record breaking 30mm (1.16 inches). The previous record was 1.06 inches which was in 1982. In Astoria, Oregon State the recorded rainfall was 2.6 inches (68mm) on 17 November 2015.

River Levels

NWS issued flood warnings for a number of rivers in Washington State. The rivers for which flood warnings were issued included Snohomish in the Snohomish County, Skagit in the Skagit County, and Green and Snoqualmie rivers which could affect different parts of the King County.

Warnings for strong winds were also in effect for the coastal areas of the two states, Oregon and Washington.

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Mid Klamath Watershed Council Changing Wildfire Management Techniques Across The Nation

california wildfireA new fire training exchange program is changing how fire management is handled in the Klamath Mountains area. Coordinating with agencies that include the Forest Service, the U.S. Fire Learning Network, CAL FIRE and more, the Mid Klamath Watershed Council is hoping to increase the number of planned burns every fall and use more local resources in fuel reduction efforts.

Hiring locals could mean a savings of up to 90 percent. But a new fire exchange training program was necessary to get locals ready. Agencies have already worked together to create a strategy that includes a system for reducing fuel for fires. The effort started in 2011, and training started in late 2012. In 2014, the program began to catch on and expand. There is now interest in the innovative program from around the nation.

In 2014, the program impacted almost 240 acres on 19 properties and near 150 homes in locations that include Salmon River, Happy Camp and Orleans. Because last year was successful, more funding is coming in.

Now, about 100 participants are involved in the program, many of whom are local.

The overarching purpose of the program couldn’t be simpler, organizers say: to do something regarding wildfires that actually makes a difference.

The simple goal after the training is for people to think about fire in a different way than before they participated in the program.

If the weather cooperates, the next burns as part of this program will happen in the timeframe from September 30 to October 11, and the goal is to involve the community as much as possible in the effort. When everyone gets involved, fire prevention efforts take a larger and more meaningful place in the community, and that benefits everyone.

Orange Restoration sees first hand the devastating impact of fire and supports efforts to prevent it from impacting homeowners and business owners in our state and beyond.

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The Cost of Mold Removal

san diego mold removal servicesLet’s be totally honest here; no one likes mold. No one hopes that their bathroom starts to become covered in the stuff, no one sees mold and thinks that it is perfectly fine to leave it growing there, and absolutely no one goes out of their way to make their home a happy place for mold to live. The trouble is that many people are unwittingly doing all of these things, and the longer that these bad habits go on for, the larger the cost of mold removal becomes.

Many of us do not realize that for mold to be happy enough to grow, all it needs is the slightest bit of moisture, and the smallest amount of heat. That is literally it – and that means that there are very few places in your home that mold will not feel happy in! The vast majority of people assume that bathrooms and kitchens are the most likely places that mold will start growing, and although those are often the first places, they are definitely not the last. Bedrooms, lounges, and even your attic could right now be places where mold has set up shop.

The reason that the cost of mold removal can often end up being so high is because the mold that you can see is probably only half of the story. That is because mold can dig itself into walls, and so the damage may go much further back than you can imagine. You will also need to add on the cost of drying out your home, in order to prevent mold from being able to quickly grow back again before you know it. These processes can take an awful long time, and will almost definitely necessitate a professional – which of course just increases the price that you will have to pay for letting mold grow in your home.

Few people consider the damage that mold can do to your furnishings, but that cost must be added to the final number as well. Your curtains, blinds, carpets, and rugs could all be damaged beyond repair if mold really gets out of hand, and so too could your soft furnishings like sofas and cushions. Many people do not realise that mold has got into their wardrobes until it is too late, and many of their clothes have been completely destroyed and have to be thrown away. Sometimes the mold takes sentimental items that you just simply cannot replace, like the soft toys of your children, or the love letters that your partner sent you years ago.

Getting rid of mold has to be a completely forceful event, to make sure that no mold is left – even a small amount that survives can continue to breed and survive, causing exactly the same problems a few months down the line. But the cost of mold removal is not small, and it may increase the longer you do nothing about the mold that is in your home. That is why if you are going to act against mold, you should act now.

Thankfully, the cost of mold removal is one that you probably do not have to bear on your own. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of mold removal, leaving you free to enjoy your mold free home without the burden of a huge financial commitment. If you realize that mold is starting to grow in your home, and you are concerned that your insurance may not be prepared for the cost of mold removal, then you should contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838, who can work directly with insurance companies, minimizing the hassle for you entirely.

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