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Water Damage is a Challenge

You don't want water damage to occur in your home. Water damage can spiral out of control if not managed appropriately. Water damage can be caused by a broken pipe, a sub-pump not working in the basement, a faucet left on while you're out of the house, irrigation leaks and anything that has to do with water! Sometimes if your sink is clogged and you turn your dishwasher on you can cause a flood to happen in your kitchen. Despite your best intentions water damage can occur.

It's important not to panic when flooding occurs. Water damage is preventable and treatable.

If you have a small leak, find the source and make it stop. Then grab a bunch of towels to soak up the water. If the water is sewage water, you may want to have a professional handle it. Dirty water is unsanitary and can spread disease.

If you are unable to fix the leak, call a professional immediately. You don't want water damage. A professional plumber can help you stop the problem before it becomes an even bigger issue.

A professional water restoration team will prevent water damage from destroying your home.

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Evicted Tenants Leave Dogs Behind

Yesterday we received an urgent phone call. Dirty water was leaking into a tenant's unit through the ceiling. The upstairs unit that was supposed to be vacant had a problem. The tenants who were evicted from the unit left their dogs behind. The dogs destroyed the unit.

Our damage restoration team was amazed by the damage. In an attempt to escape the dogs chewed through the dry wall throughout the unit. They also pooped everywhere covering the unit in feces. We think they accidentally hit the faucet handle resulting in water filling the unit and leaking into the unit below.

When we entered the unit we knew we had to move fast. Water damage leads to mold – a potential serious health hazard. First we called animal control to take the animals. We were disgusted and upset by the fear and torture the animals experienced. The poor animals were out of their minds by the time we found them.

We then turned off the faucet and started to remove the dirty water from the floor. Our technicians wore full protection to avoid contamination from the feces floating in the unit. We knew we had to move faster than usual to prevent disease causing toxins from affecting the tenants in the property.

Our team is currently working on the unit and will not hand over the keys until it looks brand new. When we are done we will help the property manager contact her insurance company and resolve all outstanding bills.

May you never have this experience, but if you do, don't do it alone. Water damage restoration is a complicated and potentially hazardous job. Let us help you.

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How to Handle Emergencies in the Middle of the Night

It’s 3am and you’re sleeping. Out of nowhere your cellphone goes off and there is a frantic voice on the other end. It’s tenant 4A speaking gibberish – something about a toilet overflowing and water leaking everywhere and his stuff getting destroyed. You’re still in bed and you’re barely functioning. Your heart starts to beat loudly and you sit up looking for the light switch. With the light on and the phone in your hand you run into your office, tell the tenant you will call him back and find your plumber’s number. You dial the number and there is no answer. You call again. Still no answer. What do you do now?

It’s not easy to be woken up in the middle of the night by a frantic tenant whose toilet overflowed. When emergencies arise, as a property manager, it’s your responsibility to fix the mess. How do you know who to call to help you?

You need the number of a reliable water restoration company in your contacts. Prior to an emergency, you need to find the perfect team you can rely on who will be available 24 hours/7 days a week to fix any problem. There are many water restoration companies looking to take advantage of property managers who are not fully aware of costs. You don’t want to be looking for the right company 3am when your tenants are blowing up your phone.

When any emergency happens in the middle of the night, you want to keep your cool and focus on the issues at hand. Grab a pad and pen and start writing everything down. You want to have all the details straight – not something that is easy to do in the middle of the night! Call your specialists and tell them the situation. Sometimes you may even need to drive to the location to facilitate the process. Be caring and considerate towards your tenants, hopefully they have renter’s insurance at your urging. Make your renters feel like they are being taken care of and call the insurance company first thing in the morning. Remember, prior to the insurance company sending out an adjuster to view the damage, you do not want any permanent repairs. In the middle of the night you want to stop the problem and prevent it from continuing.

Call us today to find out if we are the right specialists for you. We respect and value your need for the best service and best price. We want to be your hero in the night.

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We Want to Be on Your Emergency Speed Dial

Dear Property Manager,

This letter is specially written for you.

We at Orange Restoration want to be on your emergency speed dial.

Look at the list of things we specialize in:

1. Water Restoration

2. Mold Removal

3. Fire and Smoke Damage

4. Flood Remediation

5. Air Duct Cleaning

We are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We want to make your job simpler. We want to do the legwork with the insurance company and make sure your claim goes through hassle free. Our many years of experience have allowed us to build relationships with insurance agents that we use to make life easier for you.

Ultimately, beyond our references, our excellent reputation, we can promise you prices that no one else can. We are affordable. We streamline our business practices to carry the savings to our customers. Give us a call, you won’t regret it!

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Informative Cartoon on Water Damage Restoration

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How to Prevent Water Damage

It is not easy to completely prevent water damage. Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires are out of our control. We can only try to clean up and deal with the aftermath.

However, some water damage is preventable. Even though we are in the business of water restoration, we prefer to have you as a happy client that only needs us to clean their carpets every six months.

Here are some helpful ideas to protect your home from water damage:

We at Orange Restoration suggest you go through this checklist every year to catch trouble areas before they become a problem.

Kitchen – Inspect hoses and pipes for leaks under the sink,  in the refrigerator and in the dishwasher.

Bathroom – Inspect caulking around sinks, tubs and toilets. If the caulking is not sealed, you can either fix the caulking or hire a contractor to help you. Sealed caulking is also very helpful in preventing bugs and rodents from entering your house.

Laundry room – Inspect your washing machine hose for any damage. If you see any type of dampness on the floor around the laundry machine follow through and pinpoint the solution.

Roof – Clean your gutters once a year. Make sure your downspouts are allowing water to flow off your roof. You don’t want water collecting on your roof and leaking through your attic and into the rest of your house.

The bottom line is being proactive can save you lots of money and heartache. Take the time to inspect your home – and if you’re not sure you’re doing it right, call Orange Restoration, we’re here 24 hours 7 days a week ready to help your house be a home.

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Water Damage and Restoration

Waking up in the middle of the night and hearing water pour unto your floor is a stressful experience. As you attempt to wake up and handle the situation gallons of water continues to pour from your upstairs toilet. How do you stop it? What do you do?

It’s not like you can get back into bed and deal with it in the morning.

The pouring water is damaging your floors, your ceiling, and your water bill.

Who can you call 3am for help?

You need a 24 hour water damage and restoration service.

You need someone who will show up immediately and start preventing mold from occurring.

Orange Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know how to expertly handle an emergency.

We will get to your house and use our expertise to stop any further damage to your home. We will isolate the problem and help you with your insurance claim. One of our clients had homeowner’s insurance and had this specific situation happen to her. The difference between her insurance paying for the restoration and it being out of pocket was where the clog stemmed from. If it was a clog in the sewer, she would have to pay out of pocket; if it was in the plumbing, it was a problem her insurance would handle. Luckily for her, the clog stemmed from the internal plumbing of the house and the insurance paid for new floors, new ceiling and a new heater since her old one was damaged by the flood.

If you need the best San Diego has to offer, call Orange Restoration, you won’t be disappointed.

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Useful Flood Damage Prevention Tips

The recent flooding along the Mississippi River has been quite unsettling for most people to watch on the news or look at in the newspaper and magazines. Unfortunately, no amount of precautionary measures that have stopped the devastation and flood damage caused to those 1000’s of homes.

However, in many less disastrous home flooding situations, there are preventative steps that can be taken to minimize damage. Here’s a list of tips to help you get started:

Protection Inside Your Home

  • Fix Leaks
  • Seal Cracks in walls, ceilings, and any foundations
  • Check for water spots on your ceilings
  • Waterproof your walls (interior and exterior)
  • Fit your basement with an anti-flood barrier

Protection Outside Your Home

  • Clean your gutters (especially after heavy rains and storms)
  • Check your downspouts (add extensions if necessary)
  • Install suck pumps
  • Use permeable pavement
  • Install sewer taps

These are a few of the simple, small measures that you can take to prevent flood damage. If you’re interesting in learning more, you should call a specialist like Orange Restoration, the leaders in San Diego flood restoration.

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Flood Damage Specialists Go Beyond the Basics

When a flood situation occurs in the home most people wisely take immediate action. They understand the basics like finding exactly what’s causing the flood. For instance, turning off the water supply is the first step if they see a pipe that has burst. Additionally, people will use towels and mops to soak up as much water as possible and then turn on fans.

This should be enough right? Stay with friends or family for a week, come back home, and everything is as good as new? WRONG! Again, these are just basic steps that might cause irreparable harm if you don’t fully dry out your home.

A flood damage specialist’s work goes far beyond the basics by taking your home through a complete water removal process that is very efficient and fast. Your home will be tested properly for moisture levels. The specialist will use hi-tech equipment during the drying out phase that can help salvage your carpets, floors, and ceilings while preventing a huge mold outbreak.

As you can see, there are many important reasons to call a specialist if your home is hit by a flood. It’s OK to do the basics by yourself, but don’t just assume that you’re done.

If you’re in need a company that specializes in flood damage in San Diego, call Orange Restoration.

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San Diego Flood Restoration Tips: When Your Home Floods

When your home floods, quick action is key, and can make the difference relatively minor and extensive damage from excess water.  Here are some useful flood restoration tips:

Locate the source of the water. If it is a burst pipe or another problem that is flooding your house with water, see if you can locate and temporarily turn off, gap, or plug the leak. You should also turn off the water to your home, particularly if you aren’t able to stop the flow of the water any other way.

Use towels, mops, and buckets if necessary to remove as much water as possible. Make sure to wear gloves and appropriate footwear when doing so.  Turn on fans and humidifiers in rooms with flooded carpet as soon as possible.

Move all furniture and other items out of the flooded rooms as soon as possible. Clean, dry, and disinfect them as best you can.

Contact Orange Restoration, your San Diego flood restoration specialists, as soon as possible, for further assistance.

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