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Learning More About Board Up Services

As a San Diego homeowner, you know how important protecting both the safety of your home is. Many homeowners have some type of home security system installed, with the goal of protecting both their property and their family.  What if a home or a property that you own sits vacant for a period of time, though? How do you protect it from theft, unauthorized usage, and damage without having to pay for constant security monitoring?

Local San Diego board up services are the answer, not only for keeping unauthorized people out but also for protecting properties from further damage.  Vacant properties are vulnerable to vandalism, unauthorized squatting, and many other risks.

Board-Up services include:
Temporary Fencing
Graffiti Removal
Temporary Glass Window Sealing And Barriers
Roof Covering
Structural Stabilizing
Tree Removal
Glass Cleanup And Removal

There are many different circumstances in which board up services can provide a way to safeguard residential and commercial properties for both short and extended periods of time.  Leaving a property vulnerable to vandalism and unsecured is never a good solution.

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Fire Damage Restoration FAQ's

San Diego residents who have been through a devastating house fire know that it is never an easy experience. After the smoke clears, and the house is safe to enter again, the next task is often cleaning up after the fire damage, which can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Q: Can’t I just clean up the damage myself? Why do I need a professional?

A:  There are some things that you can do yourself. You can throw away materials that are burned beyond repair, and sweep up debris and dirt.  There are also things that you should do as soon as possible, including unplugging all appliances that may have become fire damaged and may have faulty wiring.  When it comes to hauling away large amounts of debris, treating toxic smoke damaged surfaces, and other tasks, though, it is best to call a professional.

Q:  What can I do about the smoky smell in my house?

A: Many fire damage clauses in homeowner’s insurance policies cover some fire damage services, but don’t cover smoke damage repair.  Shampooing carpets and furnishings may remove the odors, but your best bet is to call a fire damage restoration company.

Q: Will professional fire damage restoration and repair take a long time?

A: The answer depends on the extent of the damage. Sometimes the process takes a few days, but it may also take several weeks. At Orange Restoration, we work quickly to repair damage and make your home livable as soon as possible.

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