This is no new idea but rather an additional type of service to consider when choosing your carpet cleaning method. When you consider this type of service be sure that it is functional to your home. Typically truck mount carpet cleaning is used in a house/apartment/condo that is two stories high, since the machine is stationary in the vehicle while being used. When using this system there is an extraction machine that is very large and heavy, it is left in the vehicle and is operated with a long hose. Truck mount carpet cleaning has been used for over 20 years and has been very successful for home owners. The benefits that are gained while using a truck mount carpet cleaning system are extensive. The power of the motor is much stronger than the typical portable carpet cleaning system; in turn the strength of the suction of the dirt out of your rug will be much more efficient.

Furthermore, the water pressure is much stronger and the water temperature is higher reaching between 180-245 degrees F. With the high temperature and the heat of the water, the cleaning product that is used is dramatically more effective, hence the removal of the soil from your rug is much more substantial and beneficial. Portable machines do not reach the same level of heavy duty type cleaning at the same temperature or energy; therefore they do not share the same cleaning advantages. Your carpets will receive a deeper cleaning due to the strength and power while getting rid of any impurities that can threaten your home environment and health.
When considering the type of carpet cleaning system, ask your friendly Orange Carpet technician for any further information about any system to assure that you get the best service and results for your home.

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