At Orange Restoration we care about being earth friendly.

In today’s terms, that means running a green business.

Did you know we use a soap free, odor free, hypo-allergenic non-toxic cleaner with no VOCs or off-gassing to clean your carpets? This amazing product is called PROCYON and is made with all natural ingredients guaranteeing the safety of everyone in your home.

That’s our priority.

You deserve clean carpets that you can feel good about.

As you may already know, it’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 6 months and vacuumed once a week to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

Now you might be wondering what do you do about the occasional stain that is bound to happen. There are plenty of chemicals out in the market you can use to clean that stain. However, we at Orange Restoration want to encourage you to try a green approach.

Here are some green ideas to get rid of your carpet stain:

1. Grab an empty spray bottle and mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray directly on to the stain, allow several minutes to go by (this is a good time for a bathroom break, a drink, a snack) before using a brush or sponge to clean the spot with warm soapy water.

2. This one will surprise you. For fresh grease spots, sprinkle corn starch (whoever knew corn starch was more than just a way to thicken your soup) on the stain and wait 15 – 30 minutes before vacuuming. (For those times when you can’t keep a firm grip on that drumstick and it goes wheee out of your hand and on to that new white carpet! Quick, clean that mess before your mom/wife sees it.)

3. For a heavy duty carpet cleaner (this is the big gun, the top dog), mix 1/4 cup each of salt, borax and vinegar. Rub paste into carpet. (This would be a good time for a shower/bath/workout video.) Return in a few hours and vacuum the spot.

All of these are green ideas to keep your carpet looking good in-between your professional cleaning. It’s like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, but less painful.

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