buying-guide-xLooking to replace the old carpeting in your home? Changing out old wood flooring for carpet? Whether you’ve had carpet before or are purchasing for the first time, there are a few things you should know when choosing the best carpet for your home.

Research, Then Set a Budget (and Stick To It)
Carpet can cost more than a person expects. Thoroughly research the average costs of carpets, based on fiber type and style, before setting a budget. Once you determine a budget, stick to it. It can be tempting to pick the most luxurious, plush carpet, but remember a few extra cents a foot adds up quickly when you’re carpeting an entire house.

Find a Quality Provider
This may seem obvious, but many people on a budget may be tempted to go with a budget carpet supplier. When it comes to something as large and permanent (at least for 10 years or so) as carpeting, find a reputable provider with experience. Carpet is offered from a multitude of places, from department stores to flooring companies to online sites.

Choose a business that actually specializes in carpet and has experienced and trained professionals for the installation. A poor installation can make even the most expensive carpet look and feel horrible.

Understand the Maintenance
Different types of carpet require different amounts of care. Some are much more durable than others. Take into consideration the type of foot traffic your carpet will endure. Do you have pets? Children? A busy household? Allergies? Are you willing to frequently clean or would you rather just vacuum once a week? All of these will help you decide on the right carpet.

Don’t Skimp on Padding
Some people think they can save money by choosing a cheap carpet padding. While you may not see the padding, your carpet needs a good foundation. The padding provides support, strength, and cushioning. The better your padding, the longer your carpet can last. A carpet manufacturer can help you determine the best padding for your home and type of carpet you want.

Be Careful with Stairs
Whatever carpet you decide on for the rest of your house, stairs can only handle a few types of carpeting. Stairs not only get a lot of wear, but they also must easily bend of each step’s edge. You want a carpet that is dense and can stand up to frequent wear, but isn’t so thick that it looks bulky when it bends over edges. Take a professional’s opinion into consideration when it comes to carpeting stairs.


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Finding the Right Carpeting For Your Home
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