You come home to a beautiful candlelight dinner. Your amazing husband slaved all day in the kitchen using every single pot and pan – including the ones in the garage. Dishes sway crowded in your kitchen sink. The sweet smell of meatballs and pasta assaults your senses. Two beautiful glasses of red wine twinkle under the lights. Dinner is served. You sit down and share a romantic meal with your husband. As you finish dinner, you both get up and start to clean up. Your hands brush and you look up with love at one another. Your husband picks up the candle, burns his finger, drops the candle on the ground and now you have wax all over your new carpet.

Romantic mood killed. Now you’re ready to kill your honey. What do you do? You can’t call a carpet cleaning company ten at night. You have to fix this mess before it becomes worse, before the kids wake up in the morning and pull at the wax destroying the carpet.

There are two techniques:

1. The Icing Method: This method requires ice or something frozen. You want to cover the wax with bags filled with ice until the wax is rock hard. Then take a BLUNT object (not something that will destroy the fibers of your carpet) and break up the wax. Follow up with a good vacuuming. Repeat process until you are satisfied. You may need to call a carpet expert to finish the job if necessary.

2. The Scraping Method: Prepare yourself. This method isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves an iron. This is assuming you own an iron or at least know where your iron is located. First scrape the rug and attempt to remove as much wax as you can. Then place a sheet of paper and then use a hot iron (so you want to plug in the iron beforehand) and move the iron back and forth on the paper until you feel the wax attaching itself. Then pull the paper and hopefully the wax has come off. Again, you may need to call a carpet expert to finish the job if necessary.

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