Infection Control

Orange Restoration works in tandem with health care facility administrators to devise and employ a sequence of engineering controls and physical barriers to stop potential construction-related airborne elements and odors from escaping work zones and contaminating other, unaffected areas.  These procedures reduce the potential for any unintended cross-contamination of patient treatment areas.

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Our infection control specialists both design and construct physical boundaries, tactically place air filtration equipment that generates negative air pressurization as a way to control potentially contaminated particles. These types of strategies, in combination with constructing anterooms decontamination areas, preserving cleanliness and setting up waste stream controls, drastically reduces the spread of potentially infectious agents and odors caused by the construction or restoration process.

Our San Diego infection control supervisors work alongside facility management to develop control and safety strategies, beginning with conducting an infection control risk assessment from which to construct a project management plan. Our San Diego infection control team will also build and utilize containment areas for control, monitor negative air pressure, coordinate and pull necessary permits, conduct terminal cleaning and ensure compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations, including coordination of firewall penetration installations and inspections of fire stopping in compliance with current fire codes.

We have developed an uncompromising approach to help maintain cleanliness and containment and share our clients’ objective of keeping patients, employees, and visitors healthy and safe. Both our supervisors and technicians keep up with all guidelines supplied by the government and other industry organizations including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology and the American Institute of Architects amongst many others.

For new and upcoming legislative changes or information on local efforts by hospitals to stay on top of current issues related to infectious diseases visit the APIC website