Your typical 6 room house collects over 50 pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens each year, according to the Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). 50 pounds of dirt is a serious problem, especially when 30,000 dust mites can grow on a single once of dirt or dust. Dust mites, or “dust bunnies”, as they are more commonly called, contain unhealthy bacteria, fungi and mold. The EPA has discovered that indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The worst part is that this air with continuously circulate around your property anytime you turn on the heat or air conditioning.

Our San Diego Air Duct Experts Can Improve Air Quality

san diego air duct cleaningThe dust and dirt in your air ducts can be costing you money as well. When dirt and debris builds up it prevents the air from moving throughout the ventilation system. That means your AC and heating system have to work harder, which will cost you more money on your electric bill. The longer the problem persists, the worse it will become. Call our San Diego air duct cleaning professionals for fast and reliable service. We can clean out dust and dander in your home or office so you can breathe easier!

Many other San Diego air duct cleaning companies limit their ventilation system cleaning to the air ducts. Not Orange Restoration. Our skilled technicians will clean your entire ventilation system, including the HVAC unit. We will also remove all the vent covers, clean them, and replace them back in place like new. From duct cleaning to vent cleaning, there is no part of your ventilation system that will not get cleaned!

Prevent Dryer Fire in Your Home

In addition to cleaning your ventilation system, our certified San Diego air duct cleaning technicians also clean dryer vents. By having your dryer vents professionally cleaned will not only save you a ton of money on your monthly electricity bill, but it will also lower the chances of experiencing a dryer fire at your property.

The following signs could signal your air duct is overdue for a cleaning:

  • Supply vent covers covered in dust and dirt.
  • Filtration lines around the areas where the vents are located.
  • Unwarranted dust in the property.
  • Different temperatures and air flow in separate rooms.
  • Increased utility bill. Dust and dirt can cause your HVAC to require more energy to operate normally.
  • A recent construction or home remodel.
  • Flooding or water damage in your ventilation system that might have caused a buildup of sediment.

When it comes to air duct cleaning, Orange Restoration is the best in the business. We take pride in the work we do and we never cut any corners. Our San Diego air duct cleaning experts understand that for the air in your home or business to be completely safe and allergen free, your ventilation system has to be cleaned. We also offer a wide variety of other damage restoration services. Give us a call today for a FREE quote! (619) 376-6838